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RepRapPro's Ormerod http://reprap.org/wiki/Ormerod 
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Y-axis noises

by Treito
267 6 11/30/2016 04:25AM
Last Post by trevmas

Odd half disconnects - DC42 Firmware

by chriscain
262 6 11/28/2016 11:30PM
Last Post by dc42

Diamond Hotend

by Alex74
311 2 11/19/2016 05:22AM
Last Post by ormerod168

Hotend not giving heat.

by helwic
285 10 11/15/2016 01:43PM
Last Post by dc42

Pause & Resume print with G-Code

by rpbh99
546 3 11/13/2016 11:51AM
Last Post by dc42

Compiling RepRapFirmware on Linux without Eclipse Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by 3D-ES
2,417 48 11/12/2016 02:47PM
Last Post by dc42

I URGENTLY NEED THE LARGE GEAR. Anybody here who could help out?

by MarkusWolf
378 6 11/09/2016 03:32AM
Last Post by PeterSimpson

firmware software help please

by razzadazzas
347 11 11/04/2016 03:13PM
Last Post by steve0-uk

Ormerod IDEX

by dc42
416 5 11/01/2016 02:54PM
Last Post by tstone

New geared belt extruder

by tstone
326 1 11/01/2016 02:40PM
Last Post by tstone

Single- and dual-nozzle differential LED hot end board availability   (Pages: 1 2)

by dc42
5,505 34 10/31/2016 12:22PM
Last Post by steve0-uk

Using M25 (pause) from within a G code file

by bartdietrich
1,788 9 10/31/2016 01:58AM
Last Post by dc42

Extruder stuttering

by Sardi
250 6 10/27/2016 09:10AM
Last Post by dmould

Filament breaking in extruder if left overnight   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by dc42
3,683 61 10/24/2016 05:00PM
Last Post by KimBrown

Cannot connect Duet Board

by faniry
306 4 10/20/2016 06:01AM
Last Post by dc42

Guide to using DC42 firmware

by DanV
491 4 10/09/2016 08:40AM
Last Post by stephenrc

How to determine acceptable clearance between parts?

by mat_fr
331 19 10/06/2016 08:55AM
Last Post by trevmas

Ormerod 2 error

by junhw
289 3 10/05/2016 06:34AM
Last Post by junhw
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looking for a professional architectural 3d modeling service

by Anonymous User
    This topic has been moved.

Extruder fan - automated on/off based on extruder temp

by xeb
226 2 09/29/2016 01:41PM
Last Post by dc42

Heat Bed default

by mat_fr
463 30 09/21/2016 03:55AM
Last Post by dmould

Pronterface Error Attachments

by George1
540 7 09/20/2016 01:09PM
Last Post by junhw

Print head gets stuck/stutters half way to the other end

by Sardi
375 9 09/15/2016 10:31AM
Last Post by Sardi

How to upgrade my Ormerod 2 528.0 for a second fan?

by mat_fr
270 3 09/12/2016 02:16PM
Last Post by mat_fr

Printer not waiting for temperature after Select tool

by Radian
287 5 09/10/2016 09:49AM
Last Post by Radian

Trouble with bed level on my Ormerod 2

by mat_fr
411 21 09/09/2016 07:38AM
Last Post by dmould

Enable internal 5V switching regulator

by fotomas
239 7 09/08/2016 11:52AM
Last Post by fotomas

Double Helix Z-Gears - iamburny Style cool smiley Attachments

by iamburny
3,063 30 09/08/2016 03:40AM
Last Post by mat_fr

OT - Stepper motor driving...

by Davek0974
201 4 09/06/2016 05:14AM
Last Post by Davek0974

anyone got experience with using an acme rod for z axis?

by improprietary
496 18 09/04/2016 09:49AM
Last Post by achaz