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Object repositories

3D-objects - where to find or store? 
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[FILE] open source projects

by smaikol
1,071 5 12/10/2013 08:42AM
Last Post by iamwil

3dhacker BOMs

by andrewupandabout
1,122 1 12/08/2013 05:08PM
Last Post by andrewupandabout

Cubehero adds search, requests, comments, and "forgot password"

by iamwil
924 1 11/19/2013 01:40PM
Last Post by iamwil

Lulzbot AO-101 3D printer now hosted at Cubehero

by iamwil
1,169 6 11/17/2013 11:16AM
Last Post by jebba

Cubehero adds commit history and likes

by iamwil
681 1 11/01/2013 11:24AM
Last Post by iamwil

Cubehero launches categories

by iamwil
806 1 10/24/2013 08:28AM
Last Post by iamwil

Cubehero launches support for all six Creative Commons licenses

by iamwil
736 1 10/01/2013 02:59PM
Last Post by iamwil

Cubehero launches OpenSCAD previews

by iamwil
772 1 09/26/2013 10:05AM
Last Post by iamwil

Homeprototypes: storage via git

by MarcusWolschon
3,151 23 08/18/2013 08:27PM
Last Post by Admathaideas

A system for scaling tracking and licensing of designs.

by arjalon
3,083 5 06/15/2013 02:20PM
Last Post by arjalon

Homeprototypes: use of MediaGoblin?

by MarcusWolschon
7,385 28 03/22/2013 04:34AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Homeprototypes: how to legal and financial organize this?

by MarcusWolschon
1,235 1 01/15/2013 08:21AM
Last Post by MarcusWolschon