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Cannot open files

by pete-c
163 2 09/26/2016 04:17AM
Last Post by dmould

Blobs at start of layer using 1.2.7 dont exist on 0.9.9 Attachments

by gurufarmer
268 3 09/23/2016 03:37PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Wood Plugin for Slic3r?   (Pages: 1 2)

by labmat
3,699 38 09/22/2016 09:36AM
Last Post by Tinchus

Losing Details

by Nocturnal
277 7 09/13/2016 07:40AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Losing Details

by Nocturnal
220 1 09/12/2016 02:48AM
Last Post by Nocturnal


by RustyRyuu
215 1 09/10/2016 06:18AM
Last Post by RustyRyuu

Error in G-code: bad comments lines (2 times) -> can't generate .x3g file

by LaurentRueil
264 1 09/09/2016 02:24PM
Last Post by LaurentRueil

First layer speed percentage ignored if autospeed is enabled Attachments

by wileur
239 3 09/01/2016 02:38AM
Last Post by wileur

Weird bridge first layer pattern Attachments

by uladz
384 7 08/23/2016 03:53PM
Last Post by 3d-print-ka

Filament length calculation Attachments

by DimitriF
528 6 08/23/2016 12:40AM
Last Post by DimitriF

Can I insert a Pause at certain layers ?

by Replace
806 11 08/22/2016 07:50AM
Last Post by Replace

slic3r retraction problems or bug

by jorgeneo560
299 2 08/19/2016 09:38PM
Last Post by IMBoring25

Slic3r not giving the option to combine STLs

by bravab
306 4 08/19/2016 12:45PM
Last Post by dc42

Object placement on Delta Attachments

by frankvdh
188 3 08/16/2016 09:28PM
Last Post by frankvdh

Support generation never terminates in 1.2.9

by jon_bondy
205 2 08/08/2016 02:12PM
Last Post by PDBeal

Preview of layer above

by RRuser
180 2 08/07/2016 06:19PM
Last Post by RRuser

Slic3r does not run on Linux Mint 18

by cliffgi
1,009 7 08/04/2016 04:13PM
Last Post by joogan

Printing thin short bridges Attachments

by DrLex
202 3 08/03/2016 03:22AM
Last Post by dmould

Slic3r Semantics. What are all of the consequences when changing certain parameters?

by Xyphota
399 5 07/22/2016 04:36AM
Last Post by dmould

Feature request: Increase infill to the top..

by Replace
209 7 07/21/2016 07:34AM
Last Post by Replace

Is there any reason on say surface angle > 45 we couldn't halve layer height for external perimeters only?

by absd
209 7 07/19/2016 07:48AM
Last Post by absd

SLIC3R BUGSSSS Attachments

by Pyth Maurice
331 1 07/18/2016 04:20AM
Last Post by Pyth Maurice

Killer Feature Request: Variable Layer Speed Print

by BrendaEM
222 7 07/16/2016 10:48PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Feature request : Home after every layer ?

by Replace
314 7 07/16/2016 12:04PM
Last Post by Replace

Command line scaling along individual axis

by jithu_radhakrishnan
191 3 07/14/2016 12:23PM
Last Post by Replace

G-Code settings Attachments

by jessmupo
230 5 07/13/2016 06:28AM
Last Post by dmould

Way to set max bed height

by Busdriver101
193 3 07/11/2016 04:39AM
Last Post by dmould

Max volumetric speed per extruder? New version coming up anytime soon?

by Sergio
320 4 07/07/2016 04:09AM
Last Post by dmould

Slicing a 2D drawing

by i-make-robots
189 2 07/05/2016 05:24AM
Last Post by dmould

Leaving out internal perimeters

by Assax
237 8 07/01/2016 04:31AM
Last Post by dmould