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Detect Thin walls not working Attachments

by dan_rep
264 2 01/13/2016 04:36AM
Last Post by RRuser

slic3r not slicing correctly Attachments

by danilius
232 3 01/13/2016 12:28AM
Last Post by danilius


by SteveKing84
185 2 01/12/2016 10:47AM
Last Post by Paul Wanamaker

Retract speed being ignored

by nebbian
226 7 01/11/2016 08:10PM
Last Post by nebbian

Calibration Infill

by yann44
305 7 01/11/2016 06:11AM
Last Post by dmould

Can I change the size of the raft?

by msaeger
215 3 01/09/2016 05:10PM
Last Post by msaeger

How to set the slic3r for dual nozzles?

by sevenljy
237 2 01/06/2016 05:42AM
Last Post by dmould

Slicer closing/crashing   (Pages: 1 2)

by sfinke
1,388 38 01/06/2016 01:13AM
Last Post by dc42

Slic3r at command line doesn't care about bed shape from configuration Attachments

by kakbit
242 5 01/05/2016 05:54PM
Last Post by kakbit

Deleting part of the GCODE

by vozkaj
239 2 01/04/2016 08:28AM
Last Post by dmould

placeholder variables

by philmar
218 2 01/03/2016 11:29PM
Last Post by Paul Wanamaker

Wrong auto support generation Attachments

by vozkaj
225 5 01/02/2016 04:31PM
Last Post by gafu

Time saving slicing trick

by RRuser
309 1 01/02/2016 07:01AM
Last Post by RRuser

Slicr vs Freecad Where has my hole in the YZ plane gone? Attachments

by snblitz
266 10 12/30/2015 01:09PM
Last Post by snblitz

Slic3r and automatic support generations Attachments

by gafu
271 2 12/28/2015 06:17AM
Last Post by gafu

Smooth cylinders instead of facets

by Allnight
395 10 12/27/2015 11:27AM
Last Post by Allnight

Perimiters on a slope are not being detected as "top perimiters" and become too thin because of that Attachments

by FalloutBe
295 6 12/25/2015 04:34AM
Last Post by chngyian

Software on (Arch-)Linux

by 4dPrinter
389 3 12/24/2015 04:38PM
Last Post by epicepee

Z-Axis Opposite

by LdyMox
263 6 12/24/2015 07:53AM
Last Post by dmould

Slic3r Home every layer

by Kiliam
249 3 12/24/2015 07:34AM
Last Post by Mikk36

Slic3r 1.2.9 for dual extrusion. How do I set up different fliaments>

by huntleybill
1,269 7 12/22/2015 08:30AM
Last Post by widespreaddeadhead

Script to turn bed off 10 mins prior to finished print

by tonyallen28
306 8 12/21/2015 07:52PM
Last Post by WZ9V

"Enable auto cooling" + "Combine infill every # layers" = bad print results

by FalloutBe
264 4 12/21/2015 01:41PM
Last Post by Paul Wanamaker

Change of perimeters extrusion width. HOW ?

by Moe123456
221 2 12/21/2015 10:00AM
Last Post by justcurious

Stopping extrusion a little before retraction jumps

by sourceless
322 6 12/21/2015 04:43AM
Last Post by RRuser

Help, internal size of part(s) too small... Attachments   (Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6)

by Qsilver
17,445 170 12/21/2015 04:18AM
Last Post by nophead

Calibration, then under extrusion

by sfinke
719 7 12/17/2015 04:20AM
Last Post by sfinke

Scaling in Slic3r

by sfinke
607 9 12/17/2015 04:12AM
Last Post by sfinke

Storing modifier settings

by RRuser
255 1 12/16/2015 12:31PM
Last Post by RRuser

Slic3r generating spurious features??? Attachments

by frankvdh
252 2 12/12/2015 06:19PM
Last Post by Paul Wanamaker