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Printing issues ... 
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Temp sensor defect error

by 808brick
130 4 06/01/2016 04:08PM
Last Post by JamesK

Warping and Bed Adhesion Issues Attachments

by Sminky
174 7 05/31/2016 03:16PM
Last Post by Sminky

Clicking sound when extruding

by GSchk86
174 6 05/31/2016 02:35PM
Last Post by GroupB

Part not coming out the same size as my sketch Attachments

by Undermentioned
104 5 05/30/2016 07:39AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Clearance between printing lines.

by Vandaliux
110 5 05/29/2016 09:13PM
Last Post by Downunder35m

parameters to improve the look of my printed object Attachments

by swing50
185 6 05/28/2016 04:54AM
Last Post by swing50

printer goes crazy during print.

by duffle1986
149 11 05/27/2016 02:00PM
Last Post by duffle1986

print stops at M109 in g-code

by kakbit
111 2 05/27/2016 11:03AM
Last Post by kakbit

Insulating hotend to contain radiation heat?

by Ohmarinus
2,395 23 05/26/2016 10:57PM
Last Post by Srek

BullDog XL and E3D v6 jam!

by the_digital_dentist
273 13 05/25/2016 10:04PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Z-axis move past home position before printing

by v1talogy
98 3 05/25/2016 02:42PM
Last Post by v1talogy

No extrusion during print

by NukaCola
139 5 05/25/2016 06:16AM
Last Post by NukaCola

Head Stops Mid Print+Network Crash Attachments

by drentsoft
99 5 05/25/2016 04:53AM
Last Post by drentsoft

Minimizing z axis movement

by trbjr
84 2 05/24/2016 09:34PM
Last Post by elwood127

Delta Printer Hot End Unpredictably Jamming into Print </3 (Cool Stepper Motors, Cool Drivers, Smooth Rails,Tight Belts)confused smiley Attachments

by TheShrubPatrol
110 3 05/24/2016 05:25PM
Last Post by JamesK

Cura and move axis

by TommyF
127 3 05/24/2016 02:30AM
Last Post by TommyF


by XR750
265 10 05/24/2016 01:05AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

ramps 1.4 ( d08 - d10 no respond)

by 3dfbomb
91 4 05/23/2016 06:40PM
Last Post by JamesK

Poor top layer quality Attachments

by Basell
168 8 05/23/2016 11:56AM
Last Post by Basell

changing nozzle size to fix extruder blocking/jamming

by friarfish
115 3 05/22/2016 09:51PM
Last Post by elwood127

1.75mm filament force on bowden hotend

by v1talogy
142 9 05/22/2016 01:31PM
Last Post by Srek

Bad printing

by tape
126 2 05/21/2016 02:19PM
Last Post by ggherbaz

Layers and skipping

by tim3716
164 11 05/20/2016 11:35PM
Last Post by ggherbaz

blobby and stringy Attachments

by Lymphomaniac1
105 2 05/19/2016 10:45PM
Last Post by Downunder35m

PETG Filament Crimping In Extruder Attachments

by mpmumau
238 9 05/19/2016 08:35PM
Last Post by mpmumau

Dual Extruder for Pla

by 3ddreams
118 6 05/19/2016 10:43AM
Last Post by 3ddreams

Folgertech prusa i3 acrylic frame. Printing issues.

by snyper1982
98 2 05/19/2016 05:39AM
Last Post by Danikin

kisslicer guidelines for shell width/layer height

by friarfish
120 6 05/18/2016 08:28AM
Last Post by ggherbaz

printing issues Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by heauxmbru
386 33 05/17/2016 06:27PM
Last Post by JamesK

ABS warping solved (I think) Attachments

by PixelPusher
199 10 05/17/2016 11:35AM
Last Post by Floyd