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Printing issues ... 
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Extruder on mendelmax 2 is not turning instead just jitters

by jonny123x
126 4 10/15/2014 09:12AM
Last Post by jonny123x

Extruder pattern Attachments

by UkIan
312 8 10/15/2014 07:53AM
Last Post by UkIan

Aiuto Prusa i3 Hephestos Attachments

by naike72
189 3 10/15/2014 04:35AM
Last Post by issorcio

Printer offsets print

by anvoice
124 2 10/14/2014 11:21PM
Last Post by wentam

Warping in first layers (Prusa Mendel i2) Attachments

by Hlias
203 3 10/14/2014 01:33AM
Last Post by Hlias

Acceptable measures error on self-assembled delta printer?

by MattSmoker17
140 3 10/14/2014 12:51AM
Last Post by DinoK

Extruding problems

by Isaacferreira
203 3 10/13/2014 02:52PM
Last Post by 3dkarma

Quality issues when printing white filament Attachments

by peterv3210
167 2 10/13/2014 01:05PM
Last Post by Draob

Can anyone identify this on my hotend? Attachments

by soldanr
345 5 10/13/2014 12:56PM
Last Post by Draob

Poor adhesion between layers and perimeters Attachments

by balesse
195 6 10/13/2014 10:50AM
Last Post by Floyd

confused smiley Hotend Driving Bolt doesn't feed Material (Friction issue)

by Virtuelx
203 6 10/12/2014 11:54PM
Last Post by pushthatbolder

Motors arnt working

by theinsainepops
177 8 10/12/2014 12:29PM
Last Post by theinsainepops

M999 error when trying to do 1st print

by theinsainepops
148 3 10/12/2014 10:40AM
Last Post by theinsainepops

first solid layer after infill issues

by GavinRFuller
144 5 10/12/2014 10:06AM
Last Post by ggherbaz

White PLA turns dark and nasty.

by dudesom
861 11 10/11/2014 06:22PM
Last Post by llotek

abs or pla?

by Quefol
385 6 10/11/2014 05:59PM
Last Post by llotek


by psilocin
203 2 10/11/2014 01:09PM
Last Post by llotek

Need help getting started ABS, i3..

by Younis87
237 6 10/11/2014 12:53PM
Last Post by llotek

problem with 1st and 2nd layers Attachments

by karllos
184 3 10/07/2014 06:12PM
Last Post by waitaki

Extruded filament very stiff

by vlnthing
165 5 10/07/2014 06:00PM
Last Post by waitaki

Soft PLA filament

by EddyMI3d
168 2 10/06/2014 03:26PM
Last Post by 3dkarma

printing shifts on X-Axis

by Gnarrr
425 12 10/06/2014 07:07AM
Last Post by richardln2

Universal 3D printing filament spool standard 2014   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by richrap
6,055 84 10/06/2014 03:46AM
Last Post by polyglot

Undersized circles - Has this been solved yet?

by redhatman
418 11 10/05/2014 06:11PM
Last Post by pushthatbolder

Z axis issues Attachments

by nerdegutta
200 9 10/04/2014 11:44PM
Last Post by nerdegutta

the Extruder touch the bed

by eizikyonatan
147 3 10/04/2014 08:52PM
Last Post by pushthatbolder

Problems with new 3D Printer

by rawdy1992
236 7 10/03/2014 05:39PM
Last Post by rawdy1992

Printing small objects with a bowden extruder Attachments

by JerseyGirl
893 22 10/03/2014 02:06PM
Last Post by JerseyGirl

Bridging advice from experienced Kisslicer users?

by jtoombs
154 6 10/03/2014 08:05AM
Last Post by MrDoctorDIV

Problem making Prusa i3 sensing content on sdcard

by Taffen
101 5 10/02/2014 11:50PM
Last Post by Taffen