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Printing issues ... 
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Hot Bed doesn't warm until 110C

by monbesugo
220 10 02/22/2015 08:59AM
Last Post by normw

Under extrusion during print... missing layer (PLA innofill) Attachments

by herrgray
420 6 02/21/2015 11:36AM
Last Post by Mike01Hu

Printed parts are scaled down

by daboomafoo
185 5 02/21/2015 07:10AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Folger Tech Kossel Auto Bed Level Issue...

by bobhaha
167 4 02/21/2015 05:19AM
Last Post by bobhaha

Incorrect Z axis hight while printing Attachments

by cyberfly
236 6 02/21/2015 03:56AM
Last Post by cyberfly

Struggles with Fine Tuning Bridging Attachments

by Wisar
289 4 02/19/2015 03:33AM
Last Post by Wisar

Printer only runs manually

by smithmi8
160 6 02/18/2015 06:05PM
Last Post by smithmi8


by aparkin
218 3 02/18/2015 03:51PM
Last Post by aparkin

Layers Sagging When Printing

by rpartovi
329 6 02/17/2015 10:50PM
Last Post by rpartovi

Problems with my Folger Tech Prusa I3

by Goosey73
212 13 02/17/2015 01:15PM
Last Post by Goosey73

PLA on glass

by tony woollacott
330 7 02/17/2015 12:24PM
Last Post by dc42

Quantity extruded issue

by Crixos
147 3 02/17/2015 09:59AM
Last Post by Crixos

Folger Tech Prusa i3 printing problem

by Danarchy
249 8 02/17/2015 09:41AM
Last Post by Grimes_1999

trouble printing propellers Attachments

by neveryoubetray
410 6 02/16/2015 08:01PM
Last Post by neveryoubetray

Test cube failure need help please!

355 27 02/16/2015 07:20PM
Last Post by tmorris9

Extuded quantity is not even Attachments

by victorjung
206 3 02/16/2015 03:32PM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

prusa i3 first print problems Attachments

by happyharrysco1
207 5 02/16/2015 01:13PM
Last Post by happyharrysco1

Help help debugging pictured problem.

by VolT1
218 8 02/16/2015 09:28AM
Last Post by KingRahl

Auto Bed Leveling Probleme Attachments

by derhesse2002
220 1 02/14/2015 01:15PM
Last Post by derhesse2002

Extruder problem? Attachments

by UnlikelyBarley
274 3 02/14/2015 10:21AM
Last Post by UnlikelyBarley

Poor surface alignment Attachments

by gadittri
236 7 02/13/2015 09:36PM
Last Post by gadittri

Folger Tech Prusa i3 still with an extruder problem [SOLVED]

by Danarchy
214 1 02/13/2015 08:50PM
Last Post by Danarchy

Bad glass or bad idea? Attachments

by Ryan_M
277 4 02/13/2015 08:24PM
Last Post by Dirty Steve

Weird problem with printing detail Attachments

by jbalat
212 4 02/13/2015 06:35PM
Last Post by jbalat

Variable fill density

by drxenocide
179 5 02/13/2015 06:12PM
Last Post by drxenocide

Lower infill results in bad prints

by delti90
229 2 02/13/2015 11:53AM
Last Post by PTruscott

cheapest large 3d printer

by Vikingtec
275 9 02/13/2015 11:50AM
Last Post by dc42

Maple Syrup and Water

by RizzoTheSmall
251 6 02/13/2015 11:41AM
Last Post by PTruscott

PLA sticking to the extruder.

by PTruscott
173 1 02/13/2015 11:36AM
Last Post by PTruscott

Alignment issue.

by KdogLA
145 3 02/13/2015 08:20AM
Last Post by KdogLA