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Printing issues ... 
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Issues with Meshmixed Files (+Green highlights in Repetier)

by Lazerlord
114 5 02/03/2016 09:51AM
Last Post by Lazerlord

Problems with wall thickness and circle perimeters Attachments

by reflexsa
89 5 02/03/2016 05:35AM
Last Post by reflexsa

Every moderate length print failing   (Pages: 1 2)

by MichaelBrock
399 33 02/03/2016 01:51AM
Last Post by papakel

Extruder motor not running while printing

by hmcclint
94 6 02/02/2016 11:55AM
Last Post by Downunder35m

RepRap OMNI M-505 - Hot end is not heating Attachments

by Hubis
430 7 02/02/2016 09:50AM
Last Post by goldman

noise of idle steppermotors

by MrWizz
103 3 02/01/2016 09:20PM
Last Post by Downunder35m

Melzi v2 with Arduino Uno

by taratata
95 3 02/01/2016 05:26PM
Last Post by Dust

is this pla too humid?

by eried
220 8 02/01/2016 09:14AM
Last Post by eried

First layer Problem

by BobBuilder
211 12 02/01/2016 05:38AM
Last Post by JamesK

kossel autobed leveling seem to did the opposite

by JunXian
65 1 02/01/2016 03:30AM
Last Post by JunXian

Printing size error and printer calibration

by the_digital_dentist
93 8 01/31/2016 04:52PM
Last Post by JamesK

Cold-end clogs every print. No changes. Attachments

by davidbananas999
287 15 01/31/2016 03:53PM
Last Post by Govahnator

difference ABS & PLA Attachments

by Swengson
195 4 01/31/2016 06:47AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Strange ripple on only x axis Attachments

by Rooski
387 11 01/31/2016 04:47AM
Last Post by JamesK

Thermal Runaway Error

by Montiey
191 6 01/30/2016 12:27PM
Last Post by blro

Filament won't feed on its own - does my extruder need cleaning?

by 0x0000
88 3 01/30/2016 12:19PM
Last Post by Downunder35m

Terrible ABS Layer Bonding

by Montiey
212 15 01/30/2016 07:45AM
Last Post by JamesK

Trouble with heating printer head

by HereIgoAgain
197 5 01/29/2016 10:14PM
Last Post by Roger123D

Odd Random Z Banding on Prints Attachments

by Relativitypro
173 8 01/29/2016 02:17PM
Last Post by Montiey

how do you reset z home

by Doug Haas
120 6 01/29/2016 11:55AM
Last Post by Doug Haas

Fan turns off for hot end

by Doug Haas
96 4 01/29/2016 09:45AM
Last Post by Srek

Cannot bridge Attachments

by uski
206 10 01/28/2016 09:44PM
Last Post by Paul Wanamaker

Z axis won't move below a certain point Attachments

by tlahitte
110 4 01/28/2016 03:47PM
Last Post by tlahitte

Autobed leveling problem...

by Beer4Brew
95 2 01/28/2016 07:25AM
Last Post by eried

Issue with z position during print.

by joakim12345
104 1 01/28/2016 06:59AM
Last Post by joakim12345

Extruder motor skipping/slipping

by devonv
2,789 7 01/26/2016 08:47PM
Last Post by mikeks

Measument of printed object isnt like it supposed to beangry smiley

by Beer4Brew
151 9 01/26/2016 08:07PM
Last Post by Downunder35m

Prints skewing to Y max Attachments

by friarfish
144 6 01/26/2016 03:04PM
Last Post by nebbian

Help identifying print quality issue Attachments

by dan0291
153 3 01/26/2016 04:57AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Blobs problem Attachments

by Koby_88
162 9 01/26/2016 03:01AM
Last Post by Koby_88