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Printing issues ... 
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Ripples at specific regions Attachments

by cpbee
433 8 09/27/2015 01:26PM
Last Post by Rambus200

Extrusion Width Proper Settings Attachments

by Vashikovich
315 4 09/26/2015 10:04AM
Last Post by Vashikovich

improvement help

by trist077
231 4 09/24/2015 01:35PM
Last Post by imqqmi

Printer stop extruding after one hour Attachments

by Faiotech
204 5 09/24/2015 10:52AM
Last Post by Faiotech

Fine tuning issue...

by bblokey
203 4 09/24/2015 10:26AM
Last Post by bblokey

a beginner's printing problem

by eliuv
467 9 09/24/2015 07:35AM
Last Post by kernel

Good prints gone bad Attachments

by Koby_88
295 5 09/23/2015 11:56AM
Last Post by Koby_88

Problem with "setting the number of stepper steps per millimetre of filament fed for a single-material machine" Attachments

by Jasinka
509 14 09/22/2015 08:38AM
Last Post by Jasinka

Printer stops extruding at the end of one model

by dantman
302 5 09/22/2015 05:57AM
Last Post by dantman

Z-layers skipped (Marlin / Wilson TS) Attachments

by MichelV
232 3 09/22/2015 12:20AM
Last Post by MichelV

Over-Extruding Attachments

by Rockel83
525 20 09/21/2015 02:51PM
Last Post by Rockel83

[PROBLEM][SD INIT FAIL] Problem whithout solution sad smiley Attachments

by Trentor
209 3 09/21/2015 03:45AM
Last Post by Trentor

X-Axis is suddenly moving to a complete wrong position

by strawmedia
193 5 09/20/2015 10:38AM
Last Post by strawmedia

Nylon Moisture

by ed328
327 9 09/19/2015 12:40AM
Last Post by Downunder35m

Poor upper layer quality Attachments

by mrmuffin
385 12 09/18/2015 06:39PM
Last Post by mrmuffin

What is a good example of a properly printed side wall? Attachments

by eatumup
282 6 09/18/2015 04:10PM
Last Post by eatumup

Folger Tech 2020 I3 Error Mintemp

by 12860682321
226 2 09/18/2015 09:12AM
Last Post by deaconfrost

Fail, fail, fail.... and so it goes... :-/

by KillerDave
330 7 09/17/2015 02:08PM
Last Post by animoose

Printer "freezes" on long prints

by iron_dinges
336 12 09/17/2015 03:43AM
Last Post by dc42

PLA stuck in extruder barrel

by Danmst3k
244 4 09/16/2015 10:30AM
Last Post by Danmst3k

Mystery Jam

by mrmuffin
286 13 09/16/2015 08:28AM
Last Post by Montiey

Prints failing Attachments

by ChavasRegal
427 13 09/16/2015 06:08AM
Last Post by Moesling

Diagonal pattern

by msaeger
289 11 09/16/2015 01:00AM
Last Post by imqqmi

weird side effect from retraction Attachments

by o_lampe
363 10 09/16/2015 12:25AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Prusa i3 not printing in a straight angle!

by DanielMedStortD
203 2 09/15/2015 07:56PM
Last Post by AlexY

simplify 3d help

by trist077
213 3 09/15/2015 05:40PM
Last Post by tmorris9

Pieces get inclined, help Attachments

by fzr1000
182 2 09/15/2015 02:33PM
Last Post by imqqmi

Ramps power connector getting fried

by moheshmohan
215 4 09/15/2015 11:37AM
Last Post by tadawson

Extruding Problems on my Prusa i3

by crenn
225 4 09/15/2015 08:35AM
Last Post by Montiey

Beware MG Chemical PLA!

by shadowphile
262 7 09/13/2015 06:12PM
Last Post by shadowphile