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Printing issues ... 
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More jamming at end of spool

by gmh39
81 3 07/18/2014 11:25PM
Last Post by tmorris9

Better print resolution/quality

by createanddesign
263 5 07/18/2014 01:35PM
Last Post by Ralf

Help!!! can't print

by Mormonguy
105 7 07/18/2014 08:55AM
Last Post by MrDoctorDIV

Steppers turn for a while but then vibrate

by surfacelane
76 5 07/18/2014 08:52AM
Last Post by surfacelane

extruder skipping with PLA

by ansiomatic
119 12 07/17/2014 07:23PM
Last Post by MrDoctorDIV

Extruder Gear Producing Clicking Noise

by Zulfe
86 3 07/17/2014 01:57PM
Last Post by Zulfe

Difficulties while homing Z

by borupdk
88 6 07/17/2014 01:56PM
Last Post by borupdk

Fan sometimes doesn't turn on

by Setesh
83 2 07/17/2014 12:01PM
Last Post by diytechshop

Motors don't rotate

by bhoke
81 3 07/17/2014 01:02AM
Last Post by bhoke

Weak Filament

by Zulfe
101 2 07/16/2014 11:06PM
Last Post by waitaki

extruder stepper problem.

by Rooski
118 7 07/16/2014 08:04PM
Last Post by Rooski

Non uniform extrusion Attachments

by dolphinboy
241 12 07/16/2014 09:02AM
Last Post by dolphinboy

MakerFarm Prusa i3v Extruder Not Feeding Properly

by Zulfe
98 2 07/15/2014 03:42PM
Last Post by 3dkarma

Cura doesn't print the last part of the top layer? (Doesn't generate printing moves)

by Ohmarinus
654 16 07/15/2014 09:24AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Excessive globbing at corner

by Razorconcepts
174 3 07/14/2014 09:21PM
Last Post by Razorconcepts

Is there a minimum axis speed to achieve decent quality prints?

by Mechanical Menace
114 2 07/14/2014 04:05PM
Last Post by Opus

MendelMax 1.5+ prints off the bed

by mattwold42
111 5 07/14/2014 02:38PM
Last Post by manton

Print Quality Prusa I3

by Grazza
208 6 07/14/2014 05:29AM
Last Post by Grazza

hot end sometimes scrapes

by mrkaras
295 14 07/13/2014 10:44AM
Last Post by roady001

Does Z wobble depend also on the material?

by drmaestro
70 1 07/13/2014 10:08AM
Last Post by drmaestro

first couple of layers

by t0bb
151 4 07/13/2014 09:23AM
Last Post by swirvbox

Brittle PLA prints

by Capinho
190 7 07/12/2014 05:04PM
Last Post by Capinho

Constant clog issues

by erreib
233 12 07/12/2014 04:12PM
Last Post by cdreid9999

Rafting and support not being generated as desired in Sli3er Attachments

by BlenderGuy
131 8 07/12/2014 04:08PM
Last Post by cdreid9999

Removing saran wrap from abs?? (wrong section maybe)

by cdreid9999
131 4 07/12/2014 04:03PM
Last Post by cdreid9999

New Printer...Help!!!!

by createanddesign
219 9 07/12/2014 01:25PM
Last Post by createanddesign

Support perimeter in slic3r?

by gmh39
81 1 07/11/2014 08:07AM
Last Post by gmh39

Unknown Printing Issue

by LogicalThinking
137 5 07/11/2014 12:47AM
Last Post by waitaki

No Infill For Small Objects Attachments

by MaFraL
177 8 07/10/2014 12:26PM
Last Post by MaFraL

stuttering steppers & 3mm filament

by RepRapper_1987
350 24 07/09/2014 01:59PM
Last Post by Eugie_A_Deef