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Printing issues ... 
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Missing layers and infill Attachments

by multitronic
93 3 09/11/2014 10:43PM
Last Post by multitronic

Printer prints 3x the speed it should

by cupricreki
92 3 09/11/2014 06:45PM
Last Post by cupricreki

Any wizard of ooze?

by t0bb
296 14 09/11/2014 01:44AM
Last Post by t0bb


by trini.guz
91 2 09/10/2014 08:50PM
Last Post by cupricreki


by IslandBill
68 2 09/10/2014 08:45PM
Last Post by cupricreki

Infill problems Attachments

by PartTimeRepRaper
444 15 09/10/2014 08:42PM
Last Post by cupricreki

problem with 128X64 LCD, Prusa i3 Attachments

by Ron1980
141 6 09/10/2014 07:40AM
Last Post by Ron1980

Intermittent extrusion? Attachments

by jjg
213 6 09/09/2014 03:27PM
Last Post by jjg

problem with printing layers

by Paltish
137 4 09/09/2014 08:18AM
Last Post by jbernardis


by tarek437248
72 1 09/08/2014 10:59PM
Last Post by tarek437248

T-Glase printing issue Attachments

by Sarge
291 6 09/06/2014 10:47PM
Last Post by MileHigh3dII

Optimum Current for A4988 Drivers Attachments

by RDEng
943 4 09/06/2014 06:42PM
Last Post by vreihen

Keeping small strips down

by cobrageek
216 7 09/06/2014 09:20AM
Last Post by cobrageek

Prints are backwards?

by penguin0456
2,036 4 09/05/2014 10:48PM
Last Post by pushthatbolder

Hollow filament?

by smb1985
1,021 13 09/05/2014 07:10PM
Last Post by MrRocketman

Collapsed vertical corners at 0.1mm layer Attachments

by mi
1,523 3 09/05/2014 02:27PM
Last Post by mi

Second Extruder Moves X axis, Offsets and Adherence

by Egar
100 2 09/05/2014 10:45AM
Last Post by Egar

ragged first layer and bad layer problem Attachments

by RDEng
145 10 09/04/2014 06:23PM
Last Post by RDEng

Thin Wall Calibration Too Thin... Attachments

by jtoombs
258 14 09/04/2014 02:25PM
Last Post by jtoombs

Problem in control the heat temperature.

by araripe
120 3 09/04/2014 12:24PM
Last Post by araripe

Belt not in line with platform. Attachments

by Capinho
108 2 09/04/2014 05:31AM
Last Post by jbernardis

Exruder Temp Drops While Printing

by Dreadnaught426
120 2 09/04/2014 05:30AM
Last Post by RDEng

MK8 extruder stripping

by KesL
130 3 09/04/2014 05:17AM
Last Post by RDEng

filament adhesion issue

by vvarma
161 10 09/03/2014 09:45PM
Last Post by vvarma

Noozle keeps clogging need help sad smiley

by Melissa1982
211 5 09/03/2014 08:26PM
Last Post by Chicagoan86

Dual extruder issue

by tarek437248
104 3 09/03/2014 12:58AM
Last Post by tarek437248

Annoying Start Gcode - Clogging Hotend

by AlexV
135 5 09/02/2014 05:48PM
Last Post by brucehvn

layer shift or glitch at change of cross-section Attachments

by chrisbob12
106 1 08/31/2014 02:11PM
Last Post by chrisbob12

Z-axis moving too little?

by Ploks
225 10 08/30/2014 09:19AM
Last Post by Ploks

Question about heat bed and abs printing temps

by pushthatbolder
132 3 08/29/2014 02:08PM
Last Post by brucehvn