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Printing issues ... 
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Dual extruder - one filament

by Arnold
305 4 10/25/2017 03:27PM
Last Post by number40fan

ABS slurry

by polisher44
248 2 10/24/2017 04:23AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Prusa i3 Hot Bed Heating is Whack

by James@Archi
238 3 10/23/2017 11:40PM
Last Post by o_lampe

Extruder calibration Prusa I3

by TPP1773
290 5 10/23/2017 07:09AM
Last Post by Dancer

How to print a very small model?

by morgan76
411 17 10/19/2017 06:08AM
Last Post by fma

ABS printing problem Attachments

by DapDeveloper
561 11 10/16/2017 02:07PM
Last Post by JustSumGuy

ABS and blower

by Arnold
392 3 10/16/2017 02:04PM
Last Post by JustSumGuy

Hictop 3DP11 X or Y axis stuttering near end of print causing failure?

by BigDan
234 6 10/11/2017 12:31PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Print head dragging on preceding layers

by Cake
296 4 10/11/2017 08:39AM
Last Post by Cake

Problem with 104gt type thermistor Attachments

by totalitarian
262 1 10/10/2017 11:29PM
Last Post by totalitarian


by DapDeveloper
294 1 10/06/2017 08:38AM
Last Post by DapDeveloper

G29 - Auto bed not starting centered, Software shows object front but prints it on bed backwards Attachments

by dvd7227
270 8 10/05/2017 03:31PM
Last Post by dvd7227

Sometimes strange start Extruder

by djdeeno31
215 2 10/03/2017 10:34AM
Last Post by v1talogy

Bumpy surface when using Slic3r? Attachments

by David J
293 5 10/01/2017 12:49AM
Last Post by David J

Prevent mess - how I'm doing it Attachments

by RepMike
331 1 09/30/2017 02:24PM
Last Post by RepMike

Layers 2-5 form a gap Attachments

by RepMike
313 9 09/29/2017 02:01PM
Last Post by RepMike

External dimensions OK, internal too small.

by HugoW
276 7 09/29/2017 05:34AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Some Edges of ABS Print Not Sticking Attachments

291 7 09/28/2017 06:32PM
Last Post by number40fan

Improving quality Attachments

by pockpock
395 7 09/25/2017 05:49AM
Last Post by pockpock

Dual extrusion oozing/colors bleeding Attachments

by daishi
356 6 09/23/2017 04:12PM
Last Post by tody79

Auto Leveling Problem [SOLVED]

by hapo1313
375 1 09/18/2017 07:21PM
Last Post by hapo1313

PEI Sheet - Clear

by Mils24
635 11 09/14/2017 09:50PM
Last Post by waitaki

First layer / callibration issue (Prusa i3 - Slic3r)

by franck
17,673 17 09/14/2017 01:36AM
Last Post by gemors

Heat Creep Problems SOLVED!!!

by eric1565@yahoo.com
446 1 09/02/2017 09:40AM
Last Post by eric1565@yahoo.com

Brand new hot end, same problems Attachments

by rich1051414
565 12 09/02/2017 09:36AM
Last Post by eric1565@yahoo.com

Titan Extruder Grinds Filament Mid Print Attachments

by xjtx
390 14 09/02/2017 09:33AM
Last Post by eric1565@yahoo.com

blobs on Benchy Attachments

by Arnold
347 4 08/30/2017 03:42PM
Last Post by Floyd

Extruder stripping fillament Attachments

by Sewyboowy
257 4 08/30/2017 03:40PM
Last Post by Floyd

Problems with circles / holes Attachments

by playdo
294 4 08/28/2017 09:34AM
Last Post by playdo

Less stringing without cooling?

by Hauser
288 1 08/27/2017 03:53PM
Last Post by Hauser