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Printing issues ... 
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PLA refuses to stick and extrude correctly

by Enlightx
1,486 8 05/05/2012 03:24PM
Last Post by gregted

Start/Stop extrusion delays - advice? Attachments

by billmi
1,974 7 04/29/2012 02:30PM
Last Post by sminnee

Could someone tell me the simple thing I'm doing wrong with this PLA print? Attachments

by crutonius
1,170 10 04/28/2012 03:09AM
Last Post by NewPerfection

Too much plastic on the corners and small items? HELP Attachments

by green_domingo
895 3 04/19/2012 08:20PM
Last Post by Wraithnot

Stripping filament all of a sudden

by BenitoSanduchi
1,102 4 04/16/2012 04:37PM
Last Post by nophead

Overheating hotend

by frogman
944 2 04/13/2012 02:33AM
Last Post by ttsalo

Disadvantages of smaller nozles ?

by tmahring
1,759 5 04/12/2012 03:23PM
Last Post by nophead

How round should round be? Attachments

by RobA
1,199 5 04/12/2012 10:45AM
Last Post by RobA

Multiple Object Issue

by banthafodder7400
547 2 04/10/2012 09:16AM
Last Post by ttsalo

Jittering X-Axis On Arcs and Circles, I NEED YOUR THOUGHTS! smiling smiley

by Idolcrasher
874 6 04/09/2012 10:40PM
Last Post by Sublime

Printing but with issues

by mxcobra
906 10 04/09/2012 03:44PM
Last Post by mxcobra

Blobs forming on nozzle destroying print Attachments

by ghostling
943 3 04/06/2012 02:12AM
Last Post by ghostling

perimeter problem with new nozzle

by s4lt3d
968 6 04/05/2012 07:43AM
Last Post by s4lt3d

How to prevent bridging on separate objects

by ghostling
842 9 04/05/2012 01:48AM
Last Post by ghostling

Infill Issues and Perimeter Blobbing Attachments

by BenitoSanduchi
2,038 8 04/04/2012 09:41AM
Last Post by BenitoSanduchi

Tips for micro layer height Attachments

by mydogjustice
2,164 11 04/01/2012 03:31PM
Last Post by nophead

problam printing small things

by moroz.a24
1,145 9 03/29/2012 06:03AM
Last Post by DeuxVis

Pronounced corners - advice? Attachments

by ardia
1,857 8 03/26/2012 10:36AM
Last Post by JazzyMT

Blobs on details nad end of loops [marlin/slic3r]

by wulfnor
1,134 3 03/23/2012 11:44AM
Last Post by jakowisp

Adhesion Issues

by gtg252b
831 6 03/23/2012 10:16AM
Last Post by gtg252b

First prints..too hot? Attachments

by jakowisp
626 2 03/22/2012 06:05PM
Last Post by Mkouri

Temp crash of hot end / PID tuning

by akhlut
1,154 4 03/22/2012 03:26PM
Last Post by akhlut

Part Dimensions not jiving <Solved>

by foshon
603 5 03/21/2012 09:28AM
Last Post by Mkouri

Print Recommendations

by mchenetz
848 5 03/21/2012 06:33AM
Last Post by mchenetz

Print issues as print gets higher.

by neuroclast
856 5 03/20/2012 12:57PM
Last Post by aplavins

ParCan Mk2 Hot End Leak Attachments

by PeterBunyan
1,934 8 03/17/2012 12:44PM
Last Post by PeterBunyan

Odd bulging problem Attachments

by ttsalo
887 4 03/15/2012 11:47AM
Last Post by droftarts

Slic3r and w:h wierdness

by Chowderhead
2,513 16 03/13/2012 01:28PM
Last Post by nophead

Printing on clear packaging tape

by emorning
1,850 6 03/12/2012 04:47PM
Last Post by nophead

Lifting at corners on a large print Attachments

by crutonius
1,060 4 03/09/2012 10:29AM
Last Post by crutonius