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Printing issues ... 
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pictorial print issue identifier   (Pages: 1 2)

by rrr7
12,233 58 01/21/2015 01:18AM
Last Post by BHI

Preventing ABS parts from curling when cooling?

by rocketwiz
35 3 03/27/2015 10:31AM
Last Post by ggherbaz

Hotend stops extruding while printing

by djnuwan
47 2 03/27/2015 08:29AM
Last Post by lunarkingdom

PLA not sticking on glass nor previous layer (videos)

by batukhan
36 3 03/27/2015 05:26AM
Last Post by batukhan

OK print but the dimensions are a bit out

by alan richard
69 2 03/26/2015 11:04PM
Last Post by ggherbaz

Prusa i3 with Bowden extruder: failure to bridge infill/top surfaces Attachments

by stevereno30
114 5 03/26/2015 07:02PM
Last Post by stevereno30

Problem with the extruder "tube" [picture]

by filiptheking
286 17 03/26/2015 04:47PM
Last Post by lunarkingdom

Help with calculating printing costs Attachments

by silver310
145 6 03/26/2015 05:37AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

X endstop debug

by twicx
60 2 03/25/2015 07:47PM
Last Post by KingRahl

Kossel 250VS Cannot get smooth layers Attachments

by prjoe
143 3 03/25/2015 06:48PM
Last Post by solomondg

Odd printing problem

by Rich K.
75 2 03/25/2015 06:44PM
Last Post by ggherbaz

Orientation problem 180degs

by Bearcubb
134 7 03/25/2015 06:41PM
Last Post by solomondg

printing Taulman bridge nylon - delaminating vertically Attachments

by gordonendersby
109 12 03/25/2015 02:52PM
Last Post by ggherbaz

setting up my lcd2004 controller

by kalel
52 1 03/25/2015 01:03PM
Last Post by kalel

after changing baudrate....cannot connect printer ANYMOREsad smiley

by romeo2die
184 17 03/25/2015 02:34AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Wade extruder: gears 'gridning'

by DoctorWoo
76 2 03/24/2015 09:05PM
Last Post by ggherbaz

filament not coming out of extruder (prusa i3)

by Grimes_1999
429 16 03/24/2015 07:45PM
Last Post by Wurtle38

Need some help with calibrating

by BrainSlugs83
139 6 03/24/2015 02:06PM
Last Post by alan richard

Best delta print cooling fan mount

by AFK-er
160 2 03/24/2015 09:16AM
Last Post by kre8

Calibration issue Attachments

by kjetilhansen
109 3 03/24/2015 08:57AM
Last Post by kre8

printing layer movement

by JasperCocquyt
65 2 03/24/2015 08:53AM
Last Post by kre8

How to upload firmware script to controller board?

by romeo2die
204 1 03/24/2015 07:30AM
Last Post by romeo2die

Prusa i3 calibration Attachments

by andros
160 5 03/23/2015 11:33AM
Last Post by Nickrage

Printer calibration issues....

by theinsainepops
215 17 03/23/2015 08:39AM
Last Post by SteveRoy

Filament choice for printer parts - ABS, PET+, PC, ETC?

by mike_richards
265 10 03/23/2015 08:21AM
Last Post by iamdarkyoshi

what is the best extruder for abs? Struggling with mk8 direct drive...

by lunarkingdom
201 8 03/23/2015 08:19AM
Last Post by iamdarkyoshi

Urgently need fix to meet deadline for University final year project

by khannon3
183 16 03/23/2015 05:26AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Updated Marlin, Extruder motor not moving.

by cheaptrick2
230 9 03/23/2015 01:17AM
Last Post by 3dkarma

test cube corner problem Attachments

by likeabosch
250 4 03/22/2015 09:40PM
Last Post by iamdarkyoshi

Line start/stop inconsistancies?

by iamdarkyoshi
100 1 03/22/2015 09:29PM
Last Post by iamdarkyoshi

Extrusion problems Attachments

by ishhhh
233 7 03/22/2015 05:00AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus