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RAMPS Electronics

Support for the quite nice RAMPS Electronics. See also http://reprap.org/wiki/RAMPS
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Very close to my first print but ran into another problem.

by Draytology
116 5 01/07/2017 06:48AM
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Paralell fan on pwm port

by Dreamkiller
153 1 01/02/2017 04:01PM
Last Post by Dreamkiller

Bed heating failes

by Natsuki-chan
261 6 12/27/2016 11:07PM
Last Post by Dust

Full-Step config not working?

by jhelmstetter
130 4 12/27/2016 09:50PM
Last Post by Dust

Ramps1.4 with 24V power supply and Adruino DUE ?

by asrt
222 3 12/27/2016 03:22PM
Last Post by Dust

Discount Controller 2004 Back light not working

by clariongrade
150 3 12/27/2016 12:45PM
Last Post by jhelmstetter

Silent idle possible?

by Veesta
196 4 12/20/2016 06:47AM
Last Post by VDX

Ramps 1.4 No Communication (FIX) Attachments

by huno
234 1 12/15/2016 12:46AM
Last Post by huno

Extrude temp to zero after power supply turned on

by Archie
143 1 12/14/2016 11:14PM
Last Post by Archie

Connecting two Ramps boards to one arduino board.

by amostol
265 1 12/14/2016 04:07PM
Last Post by amostol

Where to put a bigger heatsink for the A4988

by maydanachi
440 8 12/14/2016 09:57AM
Last Post by stephenrc

Whatelse i can do with ramps 1.4?

by crazy_thiago
281 5 12/14/2016 01:46AM
Last Post by kd6hq

Endstop is triggered but don't stop

by manfred59
9,297 20 12/13/2016 04:39PM
Last Post by leadpan

Ramps 1.4 stepper driver help

by jotus
267 2 12/13/2016 09:39AM
Last Post by kd6hq

RAMPS + USB (PC) + Power (12v 30A) = meltdown

by RickRap
519 5 12/12/2016 11:34PM
Last Post by RickRap

Aggiornamento firmware Geetech 2560

by Trippo
205 2 12/09/2016 11:38PM
Last Post by enif

Double Voltage

311 4 12/09/2016 11:46AM
Last Post by EYYE

Ramps 1.4 Overvolt Current

by psibob3
227 2 11/27/2016 11:26PM
Last Post by Dust

Different Pin-out between ramps makers? Getting controler to work.

by jonawald
260 5 11/25/2016 02:02PM
Last Post by Dust

5V PWM Fans

by bitemyshinymetal
238 1 11/22/2016 06:13AM
Last Post by bitemyshinymetal

new Rambo Mini not working

by charlieRC
204 1 11/20/2016 08:55AM
Last Post by charlieRC

e3d v6 pt100 MAXTEMP triggered

by DeathmannX
281 9 11/20/2016 07:18AM
Last Post by DeathmannX

Did i shorten my ramps 1.4?

by KING2882000
234 2 11/18/2016 04:48AM
Last Post by Veesta

Some problems about RMAP1.4 connect to wifi shield Attachments

by Cypress
255 4 11/15/2016 10:59PM
Last Post by Genie

My bed stopped heating.

by charlieRC
221 8 11/14/2016 05:20AM
Last Post by charlieRC
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RE-ARM's now on kickstarter

by TRoager
    This topic has been moved.

a4988 to 8825

by Roger123D
276 3 11/09/2016 03:50PM
Last Post by Roger123D

Not sure what settings control drift per layer Attachments

by Nate_Bro
139 2 11/09/2016 07:40AM
Last Post by o_lampe

ramps and usb

by Roger123D
162 2 11/07/2016 11:54PM
Last Post by Dust

1.5 years I decided to ask, why my motors only work in one direction. Attachments

by Nate_Bro
203 3 11/06/2016 10:06AM
Last Post by Nate_Bro