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RAMPS Electronics

Support for the quite nice RAMPS Electronics. See also http://reprap.org/wiki/RAMPS
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Weird issues of RAMPS converted Di3.

by ScarletImpaler
232 1 08/28/2017 05:32PM
Last Post by ScarletImpaler

Extruder Fan Question

by timtalk
227 4 08/28/2017 02:46AM
Last Post by Dust

Loud alarm and now the screen is blank

by Reyman
208 3 08/25/2017 12:52PM
Last Post by obewan

Measuring Current output to Stepper Motor

by rm446
3,566 7 08/24/2017 07:55PM
Last Post by Bruk

Replacing F1 fuse (5A) to support more powerful heater?

by paolo1968
253 3 08/21/2017 11:35PM
Last Post by o_lampe
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Prusa extruder mux

by Dust
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Powering Ramps with 12V and Bed with 24V

by methesoul
704 3 08/18/2017 07:17AM
Last Post by tgmorris99

Ramps not powering with 12v only with 5v

by Darky112
294 6 08/18/2017 04:42AM
Last Post by Dust

Endstop question Attachments

by Matttheo
236 5 08/17/2017 02:21AM
Last Post by Matttheo

Ramps 1.4 motors not moving, checklist?

by HugoW
886 11 08/13/2017 11:58PM
Last Post by HugoW

Ramps 1.4 motors connection

by Francesco00
307 3 08/13/2017 03:18AM
Last Post by Ed would

Source current from D9 negative?

by lukec53
197 3 08/11/2017 12:30PM
Last Post by lukec53

Extending cables for display

by MakersMic
237 5 08/10/2017 12:53AM
Last Post by dc42

Makerbot Endstops / Wiring Kit / RAMPS 1.4 mismatch   (Pages: 1 2)

by Karmavore
15,457 56 08/08/2017 10:46AM
Last Post by max123

Weird behavior of electronics Attachments

227 3 08/03/2017 09:25AM
Last Post by DOYT

Nothing gets to work with a very large scale 3d printer

by Osama
308 6 07/29/2017 07:17AM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Motors only making small movement and a beeping sound.

by Olbol
276 7 07/28/2017 03:03AM
Last Post by Olbol

arduino mega256 / Ramps 1.4 re setting

by papakel
574 24 07/27/2017 02:46PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Psu and ramps issues

by Alexandier
285 3 07/24/2017 03:07AM
Last Post by Alexandier

Can't use MOSFET because d8 pins are at 12v relative to ground?

by SkSys
395 4 07/17/2017 11:54AM
Last Post by SkSys

Marlin acceleration / jerk

by Royce
449 1 07/14/2017 09:46AM
Last Post by Royce

Control PSU & use BLtouch on one single RAMPS board?

by oscar7601
897 3 07/13/2017 04:29PM
Last Post by oscar7601

Heatbed wont turn on after converting Wanhao duplicator I3 from Melzi to RAMPS

by briant71
300 9 07/10/2017 02:26AM
Last Post by obewan

I added some ramps related pages to the wiki

by Dust
193 2 07/08/2017 08:36AM
Last Post by Aethelstan

Extruder run differently with same configuration Attachments

by cthsieh
163 3 07/06/2017 06:47PM
Last Post by cthsieh

[Solved] Can't get Marlin 1.1.x to compile FolgerTech I3 2020confused smiley

by Fpeebles
359 3 07/05/2017 09:19PM
Last Post by Fpeebles

What SSR from 12V Ramps 1.4 to 24V 360W silicon heatbed

by Arnold
333 7 07/03/2017 03:15PM
Last Post by Arnold
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X400 printing small object ? Attachments

by vladoff
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Ramps 1.4 + DRV8825 - Stepper motors work but are hissing

by Readie_s
927 7 07/02/2017 02:52AM
Last Post by Speatzle_

Why 16V polyfuse?

by Aethelstan
433 4 06/30/2017 07:37AM
Last Post by Aethelstan