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http://reprap.org/wiki/Huxley Huxley is like Mendel, only smaller and cuter. 
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Huxley CoreXZ Attachments

by diggory_venn
328 1 12/01/2016 09:24AM
Last Post by diggory_venn

Broke the blades on the hot end fan

by jmknox
88 4 11/26/2016 11:56AM
Last Post by jmknox

Huxley on Facebook

by herisuprapto
84 1 11/22/2016 06:37AM
Last Post by herisuprapto

Leveling Y-bed plane

by Kaho_tam
96 1 11/13/2016 09:42AM
Last Post by Kaho_tam

Instructions for an old Huxley

by SDuck
215 6 08/26/2016 11:42AM
Last Post by SDuck

Original Huxley build questions

by Dam
231 6 08/17/2016 04:18AM
Last Post by DeuxVis

Broken Bed- Where to get replacement?

by eggbowl
355 4 04/10/2016 10:47PM
Last Post by dc42

Pronterface bed target temp spike

by eggbowl
427 2 03/09/2016 06:41PM
Last Post by eggbowl

Proximity sensor problems

by Andreas15
409 2 03/04/2016 02:08AM
Last Post by dc42

RepRapPro Huxley Duo Z Homing doesn't work

by archieroques
489 7 02/28/2016 07:06AM
Last Post by dc42

Converting melzi to duet

by ebola0
473 2 02/16/2016 10:54AM
Last Post by dc42

Finishing old Huxley Build (Serial number #20?)

by Pat McD
2,327 5 01/18/2016 04:56AM
Last Post by Dust

Which to replace Melzi mainboard with, the Duet or the Smoothieboard?

by ebola0
992 4 01/15/2016 10:27AM
Last Post by dc42

Both motors on the z axis rotates sometimes only one

by herisuprapto
717 5 01/12/2016 06:34AM
Last Post by herisuprapto


by Kaho_tam
691 2 12/11/2015 11:40PM
Last Post by dc42

Paper under Kapton tape for bed levelling on Huxley Duo

by archieroques
982 5 10/17/2015 03:44AM
Last Post by archieroques

Reprappro-huxley Parts detail

by antony
2,454 4 10/15/2015 02:16PM
Last Post by droftarts

Huxley duo heat bed

by Kaho_tam
1,003 3 10/05/2015 11:35AM
Last Post by Kaho_tam

Huxley Duo X-carriage crashes into Z-axis when homing

by EJC91
1,237 5 09/15/2015 03:25AM
Last Post by EJC91

Proximity sensor not providing anticipated output

by mattie
1,357 3 07/28/2015 12:57AM
Last Post by mattie

Huxley duo with 1.04 firmware: slow movements in print & calibration

by hieronymousch
1,785 2 06/09/2015 01:55AM
Last Post by droftarts

Questions Concerning Huxley Extruder Drive

by TSchmidt
1,649 1 06/05/2015 11:16PM
Last Post by TSchmidt

Huxley dual extruder upgrade ?

by fujisama
1,360 6 05/25/2015 04:46AM
Last Post by ReDeathRay

Temperature for Bed and Extruder way too low Attachments

by KennethY89
1,923 7 05/17/2015 06:51PM
Last Post by KennethY89

[solved] Filament boils, temp never shows above 180

by mikerr
1,747 1 05/17/2015 04:18PM
Last Post by mikerr

Hot end shuts off when reaching target

by jeffthompson
1,644 4 05/07/2015 12:25PM
Last Post by dc42

Huxley Duo and Firmware 1.04 [axis homing, bed leveling, orthogonal axis calibration, heating] -- my experiences and questions.

by teleman
2,245 7 05/03/2015 05:48AM
Last Post by Will_Keiz

first connection problem

by ddavide88
1,830 7 04/16/2015 05:25AM
Last Post by droftarts

Upgrade to 1.04

by jmknox
2,003 6 03/27/2015 07:39AM
Last Post by jmknox

Colour touch screen control panel for Huxley Duo

by dc42
2,049 1 03/27/2015 03:02AM
Last Post by dc42