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Question - output from Serial Port on Reprap

by redozqld
1,021 4 02/19/2016 07:10PM
Last Post by lhartmann

(new advance) my development of printer 3D SCARA

by rsc
1,150 1 02/16/2016 05:57AM
Last Post by rsc

PVC frame CoreXY Attachments

by DonaldJ
1,472 9 02/13/2016 09:52PM
Last Post by Giantkiller

Z probe behaviour

by Vince
1,031 1 02/13/2016 01:32AM
Last Post by Vince

Methods for controlling the tension of flexible filament entering the extruder? Attachments

by kh
1,225 6 02/07/2016 02:41PM
Last Post by kh

Presentation and some (maybe) useful info

by eduardojv
555 1 02/05/2016 10:13AM
Last Post by eduardojv

Any decent gcode sender programs for Linux?

by hoxsiew
594 7 02/04/2016 02:17PM
Last Post by WZ9V

See your stl model in virtual reality

by mwojcik
547 1 02/02/2016 11:04AM
Last Post by mwojcik

plan_buffer_line or plan_set_position

by DaveOB
1,012 5 02/02/2016 03:45AM
Last Post by releyshic

Fimrware modifications to adjust heater timeout

by sk399
458 3 02/02/2016 03:32AM
Last Post by sk399

DC42 m114, extruder posistion

by D9ve
417 5 02/01/2016 04:27AM
Last Post by dc42

DC42 acceleration m906 confusion!

by D9ve
485 5 02/01/2016 02:36AM
Last Post by D9ve

Using RA8875 driver + tft on marlin

by Napalm1432
640 4 01/27/2016 04:34AM
Last Post by dc42

Wanted: Crazy Ideas! I'm building another RepRap!   (Pages: 1 2)

by thatcham
2,153 40 01/26/2016 10:59AM
Last Post by epicepee

rep-rap Firmware communication protocol

by D9ve
545 3 01/26/2016 05:19AM
Last Post by D9ve

G-Code Ambiguity

by SE
618 15 01/22/2016 09:23AM
Last Post by SE

Homing X and Y on Pause

by rgshoem
430 4 01/21/2016 01:45PM
Last Post by VDX

Tube cutter

by dansu
595 6 01/15/2016 05:29AM
Last Post by JamesK

ESP8266 on Prusa i3?

by Life.test
6,274 19 01/06/2016 11:51AM
Last Post by munchit1

Mosfet expansion Attachments

by JamesK
623 2 01/02/2016 11:11PM
Last Post by epicepee

Help! I2C Oled display overloads Arduino 2560 Attachments

by karabas
667 4 12/24/2015 11:45PM
Last Post by o_lampe

Bearing blocks for Z screws Attachments

by JamesK
1,363 8 12/19/2015 04:42AM
Last Post by JamesK

Large reprap?

by bianchi
769 7 12/11/2015 12:23AM
Last Post by Anonymous User

New printer "Helga" Attachments

by Honza
1,943 10 12/11/2015 12:21AM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Bearing covers for 608zz?

by DRobs86
711 3 12/09/2015 12:53PM
Last Post by epicepee

[Question] Pushing filament to direct extruder

by Amachete
781 8 11/26/2015 09:23PM
Last Post by cozmicray

How to recover from M112 command

by imqqmi
599 2 11/24/2015 10:12AM
Last Post by imqqmi

Heated Bed Relay

by dgm3333
4,647 22 11/22/2015 02:50PM
Last Post by ekaggrat

Magnet Wire Heated Bed

by Archaejohn
1,165 6 11/17/2015 11:22PM
Last Post by ekaggrat

Bossa DC42 Firmware Duet no longer recognised

by D9ve
696 6 11/13/2015 06:49AM
Last Post by D9ve