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Delta Machines

Rostock, Kossel, Simpson, 3DR, and more. See: http://reprap.org/wiki/Category:Delta. Previously named "Delta Robots and Stewart Platform" 
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New aluminum profile for delta like printers, reducing nb of parts Attachments

by erylon
1,046 4 02/10/2014 05:37AM
Last Post by RickM

motors getting really hot!! Attachments

by Ketchup
1,002 2 02/10/2014 03:52AM
Last Post by hercek

Rostock future version Firmware progress

by terrapin
927 5 02/09/2014 01:33AM
Last Post by ambrop7

3DR Variant Without ground rods and bearings

by brendanjerwin
644 4 02/08/2014 01:40PM
Last Post by RickM

3DR 6mm rods supplier in the UK

by Clem
482 4 02/08/2014 10:44AM
Last Post by RickM

The minimum angle between rods and tower? Attachments

by wretan
1,030 7 02/07/2014 10:33AM
Last Post by okaydoke

Delta bed settings on slicer

by rm2014
461 1 02/07/2014 01:56AM
Last Post by rm2014

3DR/Delta PLA not moving towards hot end

by gaweph
633 11 02/06/2014 03:52AM
Last Post by gaweph

Delta hot end keeps melting plastic body

by rm2014
623 7 02/05/2014 10:24AM
Last Post by rm2014

Rostock delta robot now moving at 400mm/s   (Pages: 1 2)

by Johann
26,669 35 02/04/2014 04:05PM
Last Post by TheTechnicalNoob

Bowden strength question

by bifbuzz
488 5 02/01/2014 12:50PM
Last Post by brnrd

Has anybody tried 3mm filament in airtrippers filament drive for rostock?

by TheTechnicalNoob
1,015 11 01/31/2014 12:00PM
Last Post by TheTechnicalNoob

IPAnema - Parallel Cable Robot

by ShadowRam
459 1 01/31/2014 04:52AM
Last Post by ShadowRam

Printable area of Deltas (Rostock, 3DR,...)

by dolphinboy
786 4 01/28/2014 02:31PM
Last Post by dolphinboy

Automatic bed level issues Attachments

by Vinculum
1,490 5 01/28/2014 09:42AM
Last Post by DanielStein

Stepper motors clicking while printing

by thefuzzbl
449 5 01/25/2014 08:27PM
Last Post by thefuzzbl

Delta-Pi "Flexing" hub

by beamsaber
886 10 01/21/2014 05:49PM
Last Post by mikep-nz

3DR - my printer and mods

by dolphinboy
866 1 01/21/2014 02:49PM
Last Post by dolphinboy

LISA Simpson Take 2 Attachments

by nicholas.seward
1,573 16 01/21/2014 09:35AM
Last Post by uncle_bob

Jazzabell - 3DR printer

by Bajn
2,616 9 01/16/2014 01:11AM
Last Post by Bajn

Current best version of Marlin for a 3DR or 3DR Simple?

by brendanjerwin
740 2 01/14/2014 02:19AM
Last Post by TheTechnicalNoob

Mini Kossle Current Firmware Location?

by Enlightx
568 3 01/13/2014 08:21PM
Last Post by jaydmdigital

Kossel with heated bed - how is it possible?

by stahlsau
4,784 14 01/13/2014 03:11AM
Last Post by stahlsau

Best Direct Drive or Geared Extruder Mounted to Effector for Delta Printer?

by runninfarmer
3,370 6 01/09/2014 05:51PM
Last Post by TheTechnicalNoob

Offsets in configuration (again) eye rolling smiley Attachments

by wretan
1,886 5 01/09/2014 04:55PM
Last Post by hercek

BOB Simpson development

by TheTechnicalNoob
1,005 4 01/09/2014 01:44PM
Last Post by TheTechnicalNoob

I'm Stuck. Need help calibrating endstops and Delta Radius... Please

by disneytoy
972 2 01/05/2014 03:30PM
Last Post by AndyCart

delta printer - calibration problem

by Bajn
1,903 6 01/05/2014 10:59AM
Last Post by Bajn

Kossel Mini auto level deploy and retract position

by cephas77
3,471 9 01/04/2014 01:21PM
Last Post by TheTechnicalNoob

Building a Kossel Mini - BOM + Supplierlist

by Xhnnas
1,206 2 01/03/2014 12:16PM
Last Post by mnutsch