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Plastic RepRap Parts for Sale

"I just printed out a set of plastic Mendel Parts, who wants to buy them? p.s. RepRap.org isn't responsible for scams and bad deals.  
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[Slovenia, EU] Prusa v2 PLA plastic parts multicolor

by andromedabots
868 1 03/11/2013 04:58PM
Last Post by andromedabots

New Canadian RepRap Parts Store

by Komb'
1,020 4 03/08/2013 09:06PM
Last Post by Komb'

Charlie's 3D Technologies

by CharlieSteurbaut
1,050 3 03/02/2013 06:41AM
Last Post by CharlieSteurbaut

-=(AU)=- For Sale: I2 prusa parts + lm8uu's $80

by thejollygrimreaper
559 1 03/01/2013 05:34PM
Last Post by thejollygrimreaper

[Dublin Ireland] 3D CAD PRINTING Attachments

by fredted1234
830 2 02/28/2013 07:23AM
Last Post by fredted1234

UK prusa i2 abs lm8uu parts forsale

by stu121
636 1 02/22/2013 12:28PM
Last Post by stu121

[GERMANY] Mendel PRUSA AIR 2 Acrylic Glass Set

by excalibur
1,023 2 02/12/2013 12:41PM
Last Post by excalibur

MiniExtruder / MultiColor / MultiMaterial Attachments

by 3D Andy
707 3 02/05/2013 03:02PM
Last Post by 3D Andy

[GERMANY] Rostock ABS black + Airtripper Extruder 10mm Attachments

by Matthias
1,312 2 01/31/2013 09:20AM
Last Post by Schneider

[Spain ship to world wide] Reprap Prusa iteration2 parts with jonaskuehling extruder + Z stabilizers

by Macnetic
558 2 01/29/2013 12:09AM
Last Post by chris33

Prusa Mendel V2 Plastic Parts Kits for sale

by wpafan
1,654 2 01/25/2013 03:07PM
Last Post by Cameron Rhodes

printrbot printed parts for sale

by AJdoodler
576 1 01/24/2013 11:00PM
Last Post by AJdoodler

[AU] Kossel parts FOR SALE Attachments

by Auzze
612 1 01/17/2013 04:24AM
Last Post by Auzze

(USA) Red Prusa V2 eBay Auction. Ships worldwide!

by lindsay
835 1 01/09/2013 05:49PM
Last Post by lindsay

[AU] Prusa V2 parts.

by dansxmods
1,532 13 01/09/2013 07:56AM
Last Post by ruben.oberolzer


by snoopy
1,044 5 12/23/2012 05:57AM
Last Post by aussierob


by pikelo
871 5 12/15/2012 09:03AM
Last Post by kdupke

[USA] MendelMax 1.5+ Printed Parts & STL Upload 3D Printing Service Attachments

by BusyBotz
1,852 1 12/13/2012 08:32PM
Last Post by BusyBotz

Prusa2 set for sale with 10x lm8uu's smiling bouncing smiley (USA)

by terramir
783 3 12/11/2012 07:43PM
Last Post by mirrormicky

white 3mm abs filaments

by snoopy
531 1 12/10/2012 09:36PM
Last Post by snoopy

[WorldWide] $50 For Any Printed RepRap Set

by Idolcrasher
1,171 4 12/05/2012 04:28PM
Last Post by Idolcrasher

[USA] printed Rostock parts for sale

by AJdoodler
578 1 11/29/2012 12:21AM
Last Post by AJdoodler

MendelMax 1.5+ Kits, Printed Parts, & More...

by Ultibots
1,366 1 11/28/2012 09:01PM
Last Post by Ultibots

[DENMARK] Prusa, Mendelmax, Rostock, pulleys

by Asger
1,071 7 11/27/2012 02:19PM
Last Post by nonaak

Black Friday Super Sale!

by eckertech
843 3 11/25/2012 06:51PM
Last Post by eckertech

Print ball bearing with our Metal 3D printer

by IMGeorge
711 1 11/19/2012 01:20AM
Last Post by IMGeorge

(USA) eBay Auction: Prusa v2 & Printrbot! (Plastic Parts Only)

by lindsay
617 1 11/15/2012 01:12PM
Last Post by lindsay

[GERMANY/DENMARK] Plastic Mendel Prusa LM8UU Parts for Sale Attachments

by Finnhahn
952 2 11/11/2012 08:34AM
Last Post by Axel Kohfeldt

[EU - SK] Prusa 2 plastic parts for sale Attachments

by mihalko
994 2 11/08/2012 02:31PM
Last Post by emte

[INDIA} assembled extruder with jhead 0.4 and metal gear extruder motor

by karandex
683 2 11/08/2012 08:45AM
Last Post by dmf3030