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Stepper Motors, Servo Motors, DC Motors

Discuss here what makes your printer moving. 
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Did anyone used linear hall sensors on BLDCs for position sensing?

by misan
661 21 08/01/2015 01:43PM
Last Post by dc42

Z axis lose steps

by powercreations
376 4 07/31/2015 02:22AM
Last Post by frankvdh

Stepper motor for prusa i3 Attachments

by icamaster
494 3 07/31/2015 01:33AM
Last Post by dc42

Stepper motor moves greater number of steps in forward direction

by fayazr
255 1 07/25/2015 02:51PM
Last Post by fayazr

Manual motor movement and saving the steps

by Johnguo
274 4 07/25/2015 09:27AM
Last Post by LarsK

Stepper motor gold standard

by Laton
433 2 07/24/2015 10:15AM
Last Post by dc42

Stepper motor wont turn

by bonze77
267 4 07/18/2015 10:35AM
Last Post by bonze77

Motor with too little torque

by Serchinastico
317 15 07/06/2015 12:23PM
Last Post by Serchinastico

Stepper Motor loosing torque

by fra.orolo
262 2 06/28/2015 11:05PM
Last Post by enif

Mendel90/RUMBA/Marlin - Z-Axis too slow, X, Y work great

by rtrahms
259 2 06/27/2015 09:51AM
Last Post by george4657

Driver for 42BYGHM810 motor

by theDiver
323 5 06/17/2015 04:07AM
Last Post by theDiver

Stepper Motor Hell

by SJFirst
411 4 06/14/2015 01:02AM
Last Post by dc42

Motor Only Moves in One Direction!

by joshuafkon
330 4 06/09/2015 12:18PM
Last Post by jbernardis

Hard to find stepper motor replacement

by powerarcs
367 1 06/08/2015 07:57AM
Last Post by powerarcs

DRV8825 vs TMC2100 vs THB6128

by Yellobello
1,702 17 06/02/2015 05:44AM
Last Post by dc42

Basics of Stepper Motor

by genn
334 3 05/26/2015 10:45AM
Last Post by NoobMan

Stepper Motor Angle and Time Delay

by tommyclan
321 3 05/19/2015 10:43AM
Last Post by nophead

choice of stepper motors

by hamonic
496 3 05/17/2015 05:33PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Stepper jams/sticks

by RickRap
273 4 05/12/2015 02:53PM
Last Post by dc42

Threaded Rod NEMA 17

by robotdigg
2,440 5 05/07/2015 01:32AM
Last Post by Dark Alchemist

Silent StepStick What Controller

by Dave_robinson_022
466 1 05/05/2015 09:25PM
Last Post by Dave_robinson_022

Nema 17 motor wires

by vhoward1122
389 4 05/04/2015 07:45AM
Last Post by vhoward1122

RUMBA/A4988s w/24V result in motors working erratically

by rtrahms
337 4 05/01/2015 06:12AM
Last Post by rtrahms

technical issue on paralleling 4 z-azis stepper motors

by hamonic
420 12 04/30/2015 04:12AM
Last Post by dc42

Stepper motor 6 pin locking female plug Attachments

by gordonendersby
723 21 04/29/2015 11:09AM
Last Post by dougal1957

alternative to a4988 and drv8825

by fabrice974
468 7 04/23/2015 12:45PM
Last Post by dc42

Stepper Motors do not move

by Deltatom80
543 6 04/21/2015 11:35AM
Last Post by Deltatom80

Should I oil stepper motors?

by David J
362 3 04/17/2015 01:38AM
Last Post by David J

stepper motor still vibrate after turning with ptonterface

by espadon
451 1 04/09/2015 10:35AM
Last Post by espadon

Advice for a wear resistant extruder cable.

by corngolem
316 2 04/04/2015 04:33AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist