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Stepper Motors, Servo Motors, DC Motors

Discuss here what makes your printer moving. 
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alternative to a4988 and drv8825

by fabrice974
394 7 04/23/2015 12:45PM
Last Post by dc42

Stepper Motors do not move

by Deltatom80
437 6 04/21/2015 11:35AM
Last Post by Deltatom80

Should I oil stepper motors?

by David J
324 3 04/17/2015 01:38AM
Last Post by David J

stepper motor still vibrate after turning with ptonterface

by espadon
427 1 04/09/2015 10:35AM
Last Post by espadon

Advice for a wear resistant extruder cable.

by corngolem
291 2 04/04/2015 04:33AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Stepper motor works from prontoface, but not when printing

by tellblom
391 4 04/03/2015 03:38AM
Last Post by Bru

Gen6 Electronics Stepper Motor Pin Outs

by andy_tratter
255 2 04/03/2015 02:48AM
Last Post by Replace

stp 58D211 -02 Shinano kenshi

by tooradj
287 5 04/02/2015 06:49AM
Last Post by tooradj

2ch remote with l298n and nema 17 connection Attachments

by vojotic
399 1 03/29/2015 10:38AM
Last Post by vojotic

Miniature Couplings with variable diameters

by dannybaws
285 3 03/24/2015 10:25AM
Last Post by dannybaws

Disable the servo when the printer is idle?

by fractal5
309 1 03/21/2015 02:12PM
Last Post by fractal5

Clunking steppers at end of move command DRV8825

by alan richard
333 1 03/20/2015 05:34AM
Last Post by alan richard

Ardunio sketch advice!

by mrsmith91
351 1 03/18/2015 06:12AM
Last Post by mrsmith91

Reprap test code explanation

by mrsmith91
306 1 03/16/2015 10:37AM
Last Post by mrsmith91

Problem with StepStick and 1.2A Stepper

by teoemo
316 1 03/09/2015 08:36PM
Last Post by teoemo

A4988 driver not working near a relay circuit

by anto
248 3 03/03/2015 08:09AM
Last Post by dc42

Sourcing stepper motors for Rostock mini pro

by Zxenop
347 8 03/01/2015 01:49PM
Last Post by Zxenop

Change of motors

by Kozmik_Kat
242 2 02/27/2015 09:10AM
Last Post by Kozmik_Kat

To Turn Fast or Slow, That is My Question

by matt-in-georgia
271 2 02/21/2015 09:27AM
Last Post by Traumflug

No retract with DRV8825 on Rumba

by razzle
350 4 02/20/2015 02:50AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Stepper motor driver is hot.

by karagad
444 2 02/01/2015 10:39PM
Last Post by Dust

Stepper as programmable uniform torque load in test rig

by cumfy
266 2 01/30/2015 03:32AM
Last Post by Traumflug

3 phase stepper with 1000 encoder

by h3ndrix
329 3 01/25/2015 04:37AM
Last Post by h3ndrix

Stepper motor doesn't work

by karagad
422 4 01/23/2015 10:37PM
Last Post by Dust

Servo motors on Prusa i3

by misan
623 8 01/20/2015 03:42PM
Last Post by Ezrec

Open Source DC or BLDC controller

by MachineHum
423 3 01/18/2015 08:42PM
Last Post by Ezrec

6 lead motor for RAMPS?

by kryptomaniac
303 2 01/12/2015 10:39PM
Last Post by enif

Axis steppers stop after first command Attachments

by twofieros
281 5 01/09/2015 04:38PM
Last Post by twofieros

Motors only vibrate but will not turn

by surfacelane
2,824 12 01/03/2015 01:23PM
Last Post by psneddon

Extruder stepper missing steps..

by Replace
419 6 01/03/2015 11:46AM
Last Post by Replace