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PyCNC - first CNC machine controller on pure Python for Raspberry Pi.

by Nikolay-Kha
428 5 07/23/2017 06:30AM
Last Post by datesheet

using princore.py Attachments

by DimitriF
98 1 07/02/2017 01:43AM
Last Post by DimitriF

How Do Marlin and Host Software Handshake?

by Kyle R
1,185 7 03/31/2017 08:06AM
Last Post by AngelOfGrief

looking for a slicer that is written in javascript

by mmiscool
244 1 03/12/2017 11:34PM
Last Post by mmiscool

How to reliably send a file of G and M code to ultimaker running marlin firmware

by Xayloe
352 1 02/06/2017 03:59PM
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Introducing KISSlicer   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by lonesock
15,705 80 12/18/2016 02:55AM
Last Post by FDBI-Paris

New GCode analyzer/visualizer Attachments

by hudbrog
3,064 5 11/29/2016 02:44PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

create a new app to control 3d printer

by aymanem
503 6 10/04/2016 06:43PM
Last Post by jbernardis

Has anybody tried craftware?

by jbernardis
1,030 4 10/04/2016 06:37PM
Last Post by jbernardis

Custom labview application

by melb_maker
192 3 10/01/2016 12:06AM
Last Post by melb_maker

new? SW-concept

by vlorijer
344 9 09/05/2016 02:15PM
Last Post by Paul Wanamaker

Gcode processor for proper diamond hotend retraction

by galaxyman7
279 1 07/20/2016 04:44PM
Last Post by galaxyman7

Is there a way to automate editing of gcode files?

by deckingman
676 15 07/20/2016 04:38PM
Last Post by galaxyman7

nanoDLP - Raspberry PI based Software for DLP Printers

by shahin
1,618 10 06/18/2016 10:18AM
Last Post by shahin

OctoDroid (Android OctoPrint remote control)

by moritz
3,123 20 06/14/2016 12:32PM
Last Post by lukie80

CraftWare for Reprap and a poll Attachments

by funbart
467 1 05/17/2016 04:49PM
Last Post by funbart

The stl model online viewer and slicer

by mwojcik
1,155 3 05/05/2016 02:07AM
Last Post by abhy

windows 10

by johnmbasic
2,672 12 04/19/2016 04:25PM
Last Post by Giantkiller

Copyer Firmware Needs to be Edited

by khondoke
211 2 04/14/2016 03:36PM
Last Post by dc42

Reprap Gcode Types for Time Calculation

by mihawk1991
499 3 01/24/2016 06:59AM
Last Post by dc42

Cura and latest RPP Mendel

by Gaou
321 1 01/24/2016 12:48AM
Last Post by Gaou

simplify 3D dual head factory file

by hamonic
463 1 12/13/2015 11:46PM
Last Post by hamonic

Grasshopper Silkworm with Ultimaker Original Attachments

by tommymcg80
465 1 11/21/2015 02:01PM
Last Post by tommymcg80
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IndieGoGo - Support development of an open source slicer and 3D printing software Attachments

by 3dim
    This topic has been moved.

Make Slicer More efficient---Food for thought

by Khalid
732 6 10/14/2015 04:17AM
Last Post by rhmorrison

Trouble with Cura and stringing

by jbernardis
1,082 5 09/22/2015 07:18PM
Last Post by jbernardis

comparative analysis of path finding algorithms

by mwojcik
717 6 07/30/2015 02:09PM
Last Post by mwojcik

3DPrinterOS Software

by 3DPrinterOS
693 6 06/12/2015 04:29AM
Last Post by 3DPrinterOS

Printer moving too fast

by Timparty
479 3 05/21/2015 08:44PM
Last Post by jbernardis

postprocessing g-code for skin-pattern?!thumbs up

by o_lampe
510 2 05/19/2015 04:35AM
Last Post by o_lampe