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extruder reverses at beginning

by JnsMuovi
1,307 21 09/28/2012 06:05AM
Last Post by daveb693

Skeinforge console?

by Benny
789 5 09/27/2012 03:17AM
Last Post by DeuxVis

Failure when sclicing some objects Attachments

by Flackster
972 3 09/23/2012 08:31AM
Last Post by Cyberwizzard

unsupported support Attachments

by miso
346 1 09/20/2012 04:56AM
Last Post by miso

new SFACT based on SF50 and with PyPY slicing.

by ahmetcemturan
596 1 09/01/2012 12:55PM
Last Post by ahmetcemturan

What version is my SF is?

by ngajjar
552 8 08/23/2012 02:48AM
Last Post by rhmorrison

Skeinforge Parameter Cell Colors

by ShawnT98027
667 2 08/22/2012 03:57PM
Last Post by ahmetcemturan

0.5mm-thin-wall - two perimeters at every layer?

by acc
1,143 4 08/15/2012 10:13PM
Last Post by ngajjar

Weird results with thin wall

by zemciko
798 5 08/09/2012 09:44AM
Last Post by zemciko

What setting caused that ???

by CADucana4d
587 4 08/06/2012 04:12PM
Last Post by MultipleMonomials

Running with pypy for speed improvements

by choffee
866 4 08/06/2012 05:03AM
Last Post by DeuxVis

Skeinforge not extruding confused smiley

by yellow_fish
628 3 08/04/2012 02:10PM
Last Post by ahmetcemturan

Bridge Settings

by bbriggstkd
784 6 07/26/2012 11:25AM
Last Post by nophead

python problem in pronterface?

by homecore
576 6 07/21/2012 06:52AM
Last Post by homecore

pronterface shlex.pyc error, what to do?

by homecore
403 1 07/20/2012 09:39AM
Last Post by homecore

Skeinforge error (print starting on -x## -y##) Attachments

by Pioni-Sensei
538 4 07/19/2012 11:18AM
Last Post by rhmorrison

multi-parts outer contour faster?

by syncra
698 5 07/17/2012 04:59PM
Last Post by ShannonL

how to rotate a part to fit it on the bed ?

by jf pion
579 4 07/17/2012 04:53PM
Last Post by ShannonL

The Future Is 3D: Training Videos

by Adventure
526 1 07/02/2012 12:09PM
Last Post by Adventure

What causes this... Attachments

by richardtheboffin
460 1 06/26/2012 09:51AM
Last Post by richardtheboffin

Skeinforge/Pronterface interactions on MAC

by printerguy077
581 1 06/25/2012 01:00PM
Last Post by printerguy077

skeinforge/marlin bug??

by jbernardis
915 7 06/25/2012 08:42AM
Last Post by jbernardis

negative Z

by jf pion
445 2 06/24/2012 01:41PM
Last Post by nophead

Mr Kliment, please.....

by jf pion
441 1 06/23/2012 02:06PM
Last Post by jf pion

bridge and configuration

by jf pion
994 5 06/20/2012 01:37PM
Last Post by nophead

generating gcode for pronterfance/marlin

by jf pion
828 8 06/19/2012 11:10PM
Last Post by Polygonhell

Trouble printing 3mm or 3.1 mm wall. they are hollow, no top/bottom Attachments

by Andke
669 5 05/25/2012 08:23AM
Last Post by Andke

Pronterface execution of skeinforge failed

by Replace
1,091 3 05/15/2012 09:01AM
Last Post by drewsipher


by Replace
1,557 5 05/06/2012 02:08AM
Last Post by nophead

Over extruding blobs on Huxley with PLA

by richard the boffin
622 2 05/04/2012 06:05AM
Last Post by DeuxVis