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General New Machines Topics

Designs that do not fit in other categories. Previously named "New RepStraps and Post Mendel" 
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[Watson] Frame: CNC Aluminum Plates, 2:1 Pulleys, Sync'd Z-Axes

by JazzyMT
4,139 7 05/16/2013 05:41PM
Last Post by cnc dick

Cyrus 3D printer Attachments

by Sasan
2,157 3 05/05/2013 01:15PM
Last Post by weirdgod

Wolfstrap Rails and Drawer Slides Confusion

by poppen
1,791 4 03/28/2013 09:34AM
Last Post by poppen

[project] Heavy mendel, a self replicating 3Dprinter/mill/PCB engraver Attachments

by Petrus
8,110 25 02/22/2013 11:15AM
Last Post by dzach

diegudios printer - looking for economical strength Attachments

by diegudio
3,138 11 01/12/2013 03:31PM
Last Post by diegudio

MegaMax 3D printer at Milwaukee Makerspace

by the_digital_dentist
2,034 4 01/03/2013 02:54PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

The HaMendel, My High-Z printer Attachments

by tosjduenfs
2,011 5 12/06/2012 06:05PM
Last Post by tosjduenfs

EchoRap a simple and robust RepRap

by stephaner
1,446 1 11/15/2012 09:43AM
Last Post by stephaner

3D Food Printer?

by unicoder
3,424 14 11/07/2012 08:55PM
Last Post by www.Professor53

Ultimaker: sourcing and building without the kit

by stratmaster458
12,010 14 10/02/2012 11:37PM
Last Post by stratmaster458

Modified WhiteAnt calibration prints (and video!)

by RichardSalinas
902 1 09/27/2012 12:30PM
Last Post by RichardSalinas

BiBONE - open source big 3D printer

by codec
3,558 3 09/25/2012 02:26PM
Last Post by ttsalo

Mendelmax build help sourcing parts

by mrcool2k
1,173 1 09/24/2012 01:06PM
Last Post by mrcool2k

Modified WhiteAnt 1st axes movement

by RichardSalinas
880 1 09/13/2012 06:59PM
Last Post by RichardSalinas

Adesina - A Wooden Mendel RepStrap

by Nudel
3,520 15 08/21/2012 06:10AM
Last Post by msandersmay10

1 x 1 m print area reprap.

by KontinuumReprap
4,874 21 08/15/2012 11:43PM
Last Post by redreprap

Nichrome Wire Calculations for 1x1 meter Reprap

by KontinuumReprap
2,639 4 08/14/2012 10:37AM
Last Post by redreprap

Reprap Sinuhed

by zemciko
1,912 6 07/31/2012 07:19AM
Last Post by zemciko

Print issues with reprap orca 0.3

by azz00
1,777 8 04/24/2012 12:59AM
Last Post by Bantha

Rack and pignon printrbot

by Emmanuel
1,368 1 04/14/2012 07:13AM
Last Post by Emmanuel

EMC repstrap from old printers and scanners Attachments

by Petrus
3,836 15 02/25/2012 09:38AM
Last Post by Petrus


by fredted1234
2,727 4 02/11/2012 04:07PM
Last Post by fredted1234

Grass Roots Engineering RepStrap

by Jim
2,951 9 01/24/2012 07:40AM
Last Post by BenderIsGreat34

New T-slot Pre-Design Questions

by TheGremlin
1,519 9 01/23/2012 10:08AM
Last Post by TheGremlin

CNCDudez RepStrap Version 2.0

by CLaNZeR
2,850 10 01/20/2012 03:21PM
Last Post by brianblanton

prusa mendel plastic parts help with scale print please.

by terramir
1,505 3 01/02/2012 11:58PM
Last Post by terramir

Building an ORCA

by Cvanaalst
2,484 8 10/05/2011 11:32AM
Last Post by stcredzero

RepRap Food Attachments

by firedragoneater
1,210 1 10/05/2011 10:22AM
Last Post by firedragoneater

SVG to Art of Illusion/any CAD program?

by stcredzero
1,513 3 10/03/2011 09:36AM
Last Post by stcredzero

Orca review

by Emmanuel
5,059 8 09/29/2011 08:53PM
Last Post by stcredzero