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General New Machines Topics

Designs that do not fit in other categories. Previously named "New RepStraps and Post Mendel" 
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my new super duper ultra great 3d printer smiling smiley Attachments

by woo
2,139 4 08/11/2015 08:37PM
Last Post by DavidBraley

RepStrap project

by rienafairefr
1,053 2 07/31/2015 05:17AM
Last Post by dc42

Looking to get a cheap, first printer

by kageko
1,116 3 07/23/2015 09:05PM
Last Post by madmike8

Possible Build Idea

by Tinkerhabits
1,356 5 05/17/2015 03:13PM
Last Post by Tinkerhabits
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Introducing the i3PRO! From MakerFront Attachments

by MakerFront
    This topic has been moved.

[DESIGN QUESTION] Z axis table - Skeleton3D mod - Where are the Engineers ? Attachments

by ianmcmill
1,245 10 04/14/2015 01:41PM
Last Post by madmike8

UPS for controller (and drivers?)

by PropellerHat
614 3 04/12/2015 11:36PM
Last Post by PropellerHat

The Phoenix Project: Recycled Epson Printer Parts into 3D Printer   (Pages: 1 2)

by disneytoy
34,058 50 02/15/2015 06:22PM
Last Post by zandunga

Setup HELP Attachments

by pauleley
815 1 02/14/2015 01:36AM
Last Post by pauleley

prusa i3 3d printer

by aaronjohn
740 2 02/09/2015 04:24AM
Last Post by rhmorrison

Self Sourced Ultimaker Build w/ modifications

by stratmaster458
1,990 2 02/08/2015 02:10PM
Last Post by TheReprapExperience

Mantis Electron Development

by Traumflug
1,695 2 10/15/2014 09:23AM
Last Post by pushthatbolder

Shopbot Reprap

by nnfuller
1,066 2 09/20/2014 06:00AM
Last Post by plexer

HomeDepotStrap Cobalt

by kscharf
1,418 2 08/03/2014 03:30PM
Last Post by kscharf

1x2 Repstrap

by Rezer
4,048 9 06/20/2014 04:59AM
Last Post by BackEMF

CUBO Printer by U-Design Attachments

by codec
2,451 3 04/12/2014 08:04AM
Last Post by Yvan256

3 evenings in My junk box.. = 1 Extruder (hopefully) Attachments

by ceedy
1,362 5 03/23/2014 09:59AM
Last Post by ceedy

Smartrap project Attachments

by smartfriendz
4,255 8 03/19/2014 10:38PM
Last Post by n.glasson

RP9 Plywood RepStrap Attachments

by rlwoodjr
1,553 2 01/26/2014 12:43PM
Last Post by rlwoodjr

golemD released!

by yru
1,702 4 01/18/2014 10:51AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Large scale mach 3 repstrap

by cnc dick
2,251 5 12/27/2013 11:19PM
Last Post by cnc dick

Profabb GATE LE - new opensource printer Attachments

by codec
1,944 3 11/12/2013 12:35AM
Last Post by codec

Tesseract Industrial Printers

by LoialOtter
2,025 4 10/21/2013 04:34PM
Last Post by Nohtal

From [email protected] to Repstrap... but with a tracking issue. Attachments

by InnovativePrinting
1,185 1 09/15/2013 07:10PM
Last Post by InnovativePrinting

Convert a CNC to RepStrap

by carlosrpvertsz
1,155 1 09/04/2013 07:16AM
Last Post by carlosrpvertsz

bravach repstrap

by bravach
2,767 7 09/01/2013 11:38AM
Last Post by bravach

golemB - printable chassis printer

by yru
2,006 5 08/25/2013 10:07AM
Last Post by yru

UHMW help

by rtbd
1,925 1 08/24/2013 08:47PM
Last Post by rtbd

calculate the heat flux

by sharath
776 2 08/17/2013 03:36PM
Last Post by yru

Double Extruder Kit on sell! (prusa i3)

by ifala
2,286 3 08/09/2013 05:25AM
Last Post by DeuxVis