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General Mendel Topics

Prusa i2, Prusa i1, Prism, Sells, and other Mendel variants 
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Had enough with CubeX, looking for reprap migration confused smiley Attachments

by duckfriedrice
4,609 12 12/08/2015 02:35AM
Last Post by unfold

extrusion problems help

by Gaou
421 4 12/07/2015 07:59AM
Last Post by Gaou

Prusa i3 Not taking filament

by Silvs55
371 1 12/06/2015 06:08PM
Last Post by Silvs55

Prusa i3 extrusion problem when printing

by Rkist
353 2 12/04/2015 01:04AM
Last Post by Rkist

Simplify3D and Mendel Trocolour

by Fpex
392 1 12/01/2015 07:44AM
Last Post by Fpex

Replikeo problems

by dbk3d
982 5 11/30/2015 02:09PM
Last Post by Giantkiller

Programming/running a script for HIC i3 Mendel printer Attachments

by oodannyboyoo
878 3 11/22/2015 02:59PM
Last Post by artisticninja

Skew Prints Attachments

by ChezaMrPleasure
413 4 11/22/2015 10:38AM
Last Post by Gaou

Automated pause and restart print

by 3dbioplotter
376 2 11/19/2015 12:08AM
Last Post by dc42

filament proper diameter.

by Gaou
438 5 11/05/2015 12:17AM
Last Post by Gaou

bed heating

by vass
421 2 11/02/2015 03:12AM
Last Post by J-Max

Electron Prusa i3 E-Motor not moving filament

by StoneColdLoki
487 2 11/02/2015 03:06AM
Last Post by J-Max

Mendel-3 warping issues

by cstelter
496 3 11/02/2015 02:46AM
Last Post by J-Max

lose connections on stepper motors

by Derch3d
459 2 11/02/2015 02:25AM
Last Post by J-Max

Some problems with my first build.

by Nicken83
495 2 11/02/2015 02:03AM
Last Post by J-Max

build - table end stop not reached

by vass
404 2 11/01/2015 01:55AM
Last Post by vass

Prusa i3 Dual Nozzle?

by myohmy11
2,174 6 10/26/2015 03:06PM
Last Post by Giantkiller

Prusa i3 Hictop - Y axis Jagged

by achoo01
565 2 10/24/2015 10:35AM
Last Post by achoo01

Dual printhead that can print at the same time

by kurosame
499 2 10/22/2015 01:25AM
Last Post by J-Max

Y-axis idler with 608zz

by Camsham76
783 3 10/20/2015 10:49AM
Last Post by Camsham76

Disused Mendel

by jcpren
545 3 10/16/2015 08:53AM
Last Post by jcpren

Prusa Mendel i3 EiNSTeiN | Hobbed Bolt too long?

by Dramago
552 2 10/15/2015 05:02AM
Last Post by J-Max

Prusa i3 help needed. Probably something stupid I am missing... sad smiley

565 2 10/14/2015 07:30AM
Last Post by J-Max

Help Identifying Build for Possible Prusa i2 Parts Attachments

by Carsecond
568 2 09/28/2015 04:11AM
Last Post by J-Max

Prusa i3 Mirror Prints ?

by Raidramon
1,915 6 09/27/2015 10:04PM
Last Post by eugen360

Here is my Prusa i3 !   (Pages: 1 2)

by franck
12,165 41 09/27/2015 08:19AM
Last Post by AhmedAdel

Recommend a fan duct for a mendal max 1.5?

by dpeart
594 1 09/25/2015 11:39AM
Last Post by dpeart

xAxis belt keeps on loose

by Gaou
590 1 09/25/2015 03:07AM
Last Post by Gaou

Auto bed leveling issue

by spookey
671 1 09/23/2015 06:22AM
Last Post by spookey

FT Prusa I3 Auto Level Not Working Attachments

by js38553970
625 2 09/22/2015 06:36PM
Last Post by js38553970