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General Mendel Topics

Prusa i2, Prusa i1, Prism, Sells, and other Mendel variants 
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Auto Bed Level: Marlin retracts servo before clearing bed

by ultralame
701 1 06/15/2015 12:45PM
Last Post by ultralame

RepRap Mendel TriColor - Additional Hot ends not working

by glewis16
775 9 06/15/2015 11:46AM
Last Post by IMBoring25

Auto bed leveling, rectangle bug?

by fractal5
1,032 3 06/14/2015 09:08PM
Last Post by Adolf06

Printing on Aluminum Screen - Thoughts?

by pmzielinski
651 3 06/12/2015 10:54PM
Last Post by Adolf06
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First Build - Prusa i3xl

by XiaZhou
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Prusa i3 opinion?

by griff83
817 8 06/12/2015 04:33AM
Last Post by Adolf06
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prusa i3 bottom layer help

by heipp123
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I don't know if Im missing parts or ?

by DMPurdy
622 1 06/11/2015 05:25PM
Last Post by DMPurdy

Help! Getting a gap in circle ring! Attachments

by pixidou
631 1 06/11/2015 02:17AM
Last Post by pixidou

Need to decide 5mm, 8mm or proper leadscrews

by gordonendersby
837 18 06/10/2015 05:34AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Hole elongation on z-axis Attachments

by Gunship
583 3 06/09/2015 07:15AM
Last Post by Laopa

[WORK AROUND IN PLACE] Mendel 3 "pulsing" at round edges Attachments

by slackcub
670 4 06/09/2015 01:52AM
Last Post by droftarts

Folger Tech Prusia i3 Build - Z Axis End Stop Not Functioning

by Steigede
995 11 06/07/2015 10:58AM
Last Post by MindRealm

Prusa i2 direct drive E3Dv6eye popping smiley

by standupclothing
622 6 06/06/2015 09:51AM
Last Post by standupclothing

Prusa Mendel i2 - Prints Test Objects But Not Others

by jsluke
620 4 05/31/2015 02:36PM
Last Post by Plasteroid


by Delco
590 2 05/25/2015 01:19AM
Last Post by Plasteroid

[Prusa i2] My printer is a thermistor mass-killer confused smiley

by crazyExtruder
637 9 05/23/2015 11:49AM
Last Post by crazyExtruder

purchasing Mendel products

by rdrtz
508 2 05/22/2015 04:38AM
Last Post by rhmorrison

Hotend not heating past 185c

by woodenparrot
625 10 05/21/2015 04:58PM
Last Post by woodenparrot

My Folger Tech Prusa i3 Experience

by PartyAlarm
1,115 3 05/20/2015 11:32PM
Last Post by CraigMoberg

Problem! The Y axis move from the center after it print some layers! Please help

by Marcogav
535 1 05/20/2015 04:57PM
Last Post by Marcogav

Prints wobbly on Prusa Attachments

by jpmadden86
722 19 05/19/2015 02:01PM
Last Post by jpmadden86

Prusa Help

by tico556
521 3 05/17/2015 08:56PM
Last Post by tico556

What other printer can I make with the parts from a Reprappro Mendel

by John Cummings
556 3 05/14/2015 04:13PM
Last Post by John Cummings

migbot prusa i3 newb issues please help!!!

by bkrcmetalworks
1,612 6 05/11/2015 09:18AM
Last Post by jcabrer

Which Endstop Connectors do i need Attachments

by docdavies
548 2 05/06/2015 03:07PM
Last Post by crazyExtruder

[Prusa i2] Hotend revolves, thermistor dies Attachments

by crazyExtruder
622 4 05/06/2015 02:06PM
Last Post by crazyExtruder

Kisslicer and Prusa i3

by brandonr
2,890 9 05/06/2015 12:09AM
Last Post by Ande

Prusa I2 calibration help needed Attachments

by roroid
497 2 05/05/2015 12:52PM
Last Post by lmw94002

Prusa i2 bulldog extruder jumping back

by stefkeh
476 3 05/05/2015 10:17AM
Last Post by stefkeh