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Mendel and Prusa Mendel

Mendel is the cool new printer! http://reprap.org/wiki/Mendel 
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Anyone know how to upgrade to dual print head?

by vetteguy112233
2,055 19 10/15/2014 02:50PM
Last Post by flywheeld

Printed parts for Mendel ABS vs PLA

by EmailGuy
304 4 10/14/2014 03:54PM
Last Post by EmailGuy

My x/y/z motors won't turn reverse!

by hans-liu
248 8 10/14/2014 07:54AM
Last Post by hans-liu

Repetier-firmware and auto bed leveling.

by Azuria
277 2 10/14/2014 12:58AM
Last Post by cbrink

Hot End Thermistor Stops at a Certain Temp

by domtropen
158 5 10/11/2014 11:42PM
Last Post by silpstream

RepRap Samuel - A variation on the Mendel

by silpstream
312 1 10/11/2014 12:35PM
Last Post by silpstream

new user advice needed- Prusa i3v (MakerFarm)

by sbw
228 2 10/11/2014 06:22AM
Last Post by Plasteroid

recommend x-carriage for all metal hot end and fan

by gordonendersby
213 6 10/10/2014 01:36PM
Last Post by gordonendersby

Auto Bed Level on Prusa - No response to G29

by shah123
1,144 18 10/09/2014 03:10PM
Last Post by NarimaanV

Bed size issue with repetier/slicer

by Drakal
206 1 10/09/2014 12:46PM
Last Post by Drakal

Z-axis moves correctly, but prints come out at half height

by KidAircrash
337 23 10/08/2014 06:53PM
Last Post by KidAircrash

Hot End Probs

by domtropen
192 1 10/08/2014 04:19PM
Last Post by domtropen

Idea: signal LED while printing / stand-by

by tniercke
247 7 10/08/2014 01:42PM
Last Post by plexer

valleys in my prints... looks like something tiny is farming in my print lol Attachments

by ktnthermo
199 2 10/08/2014 05:31AM
Last Post by AbuMaia

Calibration Advice Needed After First 2 Prints Attachments

by Plasteroid
227 2 10/01/2014 08:56AM
Last Post by Plasteroid

RRP Mendel steppers

by plexer
143 1 10/01/2014 08:55AM
Last Post by plexer

Prusa i3 how to glue the thermistor on the heatbed

by Carlos Fellip
203 5 09/30/2014 09:03PM
Last Post by AbuMaia

Trying to move away from the Endstop says endstop hit Y:3.09..? SOLVED

by Plasteroid
141 5 09/30/2014 03:33AM
Last Post by Plasteroid

Prusa i3 Pushes Through Endstops & Does Not Return / Marlin

by Plasteroid
148 4 09/30/2014 03:32AM
Last Post by Plasteroid

RepRap X2V3, Dual Carriage Mendel for Printing w/ Support or 2 Materials

by dob71
532 10 09/29/2014 09:41PM
Last Post by dob71

I got the endstops working but Y-logic. Y_min stopper at back?

by Plasteroid
114 5 09/29/2014 11:04AM
Last Post by jbernardis

Had enough with CubeX, looking for reprap migration confused smiley Attachments

by duckfriedrice
1,953 10 09/29/2014 12:54AM
Last Post by waitaki

Y End-stops not working, Marlin BUG ?

by Haris2887
498 6 09/28/2014 08:49AM
Last Post by AjaxOfTheRockies

Definite wiring issue

by erikn
212 10 09/28/2014 01:13AM
Last Post by dc42

RepRapPro Mendel tricolor BoM

by UkIan
137 2 09/26/2014 03:36PM
Last Post by dc42

Duet on mendal?

by iScrat
415 9 09/24/2014 09:30AM
Last Post by dc42

Connecting problem

by weigi
137 2 09/24/2014 01:15AM
Last Post by samtaylor

RAMPS + Arduino, not functioning

by rickard
228 11 09/23/2014 12:32PM
Last Post by rickard

Just have my prusa i3 working... but I have got my x and y all messed up

by pierce
167 2 09/20/2014 03:44AM
Last Post by pierce

Kapton and PLA

by Thelandofthedave
529 18 09/18/2014 05:50PM
Last Post by corceling