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Firmware - mainstream and related support

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keep power to steppers

by mwhatch
326 2 04/08/2015 05:59PM
Last Post by Dust

Marlin Homming Reinfolge

by ossilampe
258 2 04/08/2015 02:58PM
Last Post by ossilampe

Is there any pin that indicates the extrusion is happening?

by jessicabrenner
449 8 04/07/2015 03:19PM
Last Post by dc42

Auto bed leveling with marlin

by johnka
381 2 04/07/2015 08:16AM
Last Post by Wurstnase

Marlin Install Issues on a MKS v1.3 Attachments

by topbun
420 1 04/04/2015 09:54PM
Last Post by topbun

Marlin (new) compilation warnings

by demon
305 1 04/04/2015 12:55PM
Last Post by demon

Marlin-Development not accepting calibration values

by JustinTimeToo
257 5 04/02/2015 10:58AM
Last Post by JustinTimeToo

Marlin runs RUMBA - some missbehaviour Attachments

by Optimist
279 1 04/02/2015 02:36AM
Last Post by Optimist

mks gen v1.1 dual extruder firmware Attachments

by kerfun
251 2 03/31/2015 04:41PM
Last Post by kerfun

SD card problems, Marlin+ramps1.4+reprapdiscount smartcontroller.

by jasper2991
3,731 14 03/31/2015 07:25AM
Last Post by alan richard

Marlin - adjusting LCD beeper/buzzer volume/tone

by hububalli
312 4 03/30/2015 07:04AM
Last Post by hububalli

Dual Y motors on Marlin

by 3dMistery
329 7 03/29/2015 03:57PM
Last Post by 3dMistery

Problems with Marlin Bed Leveling Compensaion G29

by stonedcoldskier
442 8 03/29/2015 11:47AM
Last Post by stonedcoldskier

Marlin Menus Explained

by macsoft
604 6 03/29/2015 05:47AM
Last Post by mr.sneezy

Z-Speed slow (Repetier) Attachments

by weedking
319 1 03/28/2015 03:56AM
Last Post by weedking

RamBo + Marlin - problem with reprapdiscount smartcontroller.

by kent
274 2 03/26/2015 04:01PM
Last Post by AndrewBCN

Finding a suitable firmware for Core-XY Plotter

by Lethandralis
349 6 03/24/2015 04:27PM
Last Post by Lethandralis

whats the meaning of this error?

by romeo2die
242 2 03/24/2015 10:45AM
Last Post by Kurzaa

How to upload firmware script to controller board?

by romeo2die
334 2 03/24/2015 10:42AM
Last Post by Kurzaa

Hot end and display LCD Marlin Changes

by Ace67aod
297 1 03/22/2015 11:16PM
Last Post by Ace67aod

Bed Temp too accurate - print not starting.

by rainingheavy
278 1 03/22/2015 01:54PM
Last Post by rainingheavy

Endstops ignored, crash?

by fractal5
254 3 03/22/2015 12:33PM
Last Post by fractal5

Help Configuring Marlin (Sorry to ask!)

by alan richard
271 2 03/22/2015 05:00AM
Last Post by alan richard

arduino cannot upload script

by romeo2die
251 2 03/21/2015 08:27PM
Last Post by romeo2die

Ramps 1.4 not working with marlin and repetier firmware

by nipunsadvilkar
300 1 03/21/2015 08:57AM
Last Post by nipunsadvilkar

Manual Bed Leveling + Mesh based Bed Leveling

by epatel
608 2 03/21/2015 07:39AM
Last Post by epatel

Marlin Sketch Too Big

by unlimitedbacon
684 20 03/19/2015 06:54AM
Last Post by AndrewBCN

Two motors in one extruder

by sungod3k
285 1 03/16/2015 11:24AM
Last Post by sungod3k

Marlin 1.0.2 Auto bed leveling

by audel
415 3 03/15/2015 02:19PM
Last Post by marcopolo

Repetier Firmware install error - Please help

by Mils24
367 1 03/14/2015 08:10AM
Last Post by Mils24