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Firmware - mainstream and related support

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Help with difference between Marlin and Repetier

by tkole
165 1 07/26/2014 05:17AM
Last Post by tkole

Repetier auto bed leveling wrong nozzle height

by marsius
133 1 07/24/2014 12:32AM
Last Post by marsius

SOLVED After auto level Z0 is at height of probe, not extruder

by AbbyJones
141 1 07/22/2014 05:24AM
Last Post by AbbyJones

Marlin MANUAL_Z_HOME_POS firmware control

by Enlightx
126 1 07/19/2014 11:13AM
Last Post by Enlightx

Marlin Firmware for Delta

by RostockMini4tw
174 1 07/19/2014 07:53AM
Last Post by RostockMini4tw


by 1nsecure
119 1 07/18/2014 08:22PM
Last Post by 1nsecure

Marlin sometimes does not move motor for small steps Attachments

by RostockMini4tw
448 11 07/18/2014 06:53PM
Last Post by RostockMini4tw

Problem Installing 500c Pico's On Tri-Color

by bergerbennett
99 1 07/17/2014 02:41PM
Last Post by bergerbennett

Auto bed leveling issue Attachments

by Couby
147 1 07/15/2014 01:45AM
Last Post by Couby

Marlin problem I think

by demongimp
94 2 07/14/2014 09:22AM
Last Post by demongimp

Marlin ErikZalm z axis motor problem (works with T3P3)

by Loader009
123 3 07/12/2014 03:19PM
Last Post by Loader009

Need help, new image needed for Rapman, Pic32 chip.

by AlfrdV
103 3 07/12/2014 06:57AM
Last Post by AlfrdV

Arduino IDE wont open??

by gmh39
78 2 07/10/2014 04:11PM
Last Post by gmh39

Full Graphic Smart Controller

by eyalad
224 2 07/08/2014 04:59AM
Last Post by dansxmods

Firmware for delta ?

by fourmi
235 13 07/03/2014 07:02AM
Last Post by penelopeblue330

Repetier-Firmware changes to add button Attachments

by dr.shirota
323 3 06/26/2014 01:06AM
Last Post by dr.shirota

Gen 6, Firmware upload

by Lucastar
2,509 8 06/22/2014 11:06AM
Last Post by iamwill

LCD panel or Pronterface control, but not both

by cobrageek
205 12 06/19/2014 04:26PM
Last Post by cobrageek

Marlin: Auto Level not compensate enough Attachments

by skelator
215 1 06/19/2014 01:01AM
Last Post by skelator

Virtual Axis

by steob86
130 3 06/18/2014 07:09AM
Last Post by steob86

Marlin - Y Axis pushes past endstop?

by SpencerCE89
191 2 06/16/2014 05:29PM
Last Post by SpencerCE89

Twitching E axis motor

by davros
106 4 06/16/2014 10:17AM
Last Post by davros

Switching D8 and D9 in Repetier firmware

by LesSV
152 3 06/14/2014 02:59PM
Last Post by kscharf

Slowing Marlin rotary encoder

by smartroad
1,402 10 06/14/2014 01:28PM
Last Post by kscharf

Dual Extruders With Marlin

by solomondg
174 1 06/14/2014 12:25PM
Last Post by solomondg

Strange Homing issue

by Ruprect
144 2 06/10/2014 10:34AM
Last Post by pras_pune

Marlin for Due

by Le-Seaw
184 1 06/05/2014 01:35AM
Last Post by Le-Seaw

Change from 8 micro steps to 16 Micro steps

by Velocity
181 3 06/03/2014 09:18AM
Last Post by Velocity

Marlin firmware: add custom button, is possible?

by Mark Somy
216 4 06/01/2014 07:21AM
Last Post by DaveX

Dual extrusion firmware

by GoSharks
358 4 05/30/2014 01:27PM
Last Post by pras_pune