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Discuss any sort of mechanical stuff here: positioning systems, gears, extruding methods, etc. 
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Printer stops extruding PLA after about one minute, running out of options.

by Thijs
311 10 06/07/2014 04:09PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

[CONCEPT] Off-carriage belt driven extruder Attachments

by Shafiqson
383 2 06/03/2014 01:41PM
Last Post by nicholas.seward

NEMA 17, 12V vs 3V

by 1337ss
424 5 06/03/2014 05:42AM
Last Post by 1337ss


by gomboszuzu
247 4 06/01/2014 06:26AM
Last Post by BoByS

Bed leveling issues

by BoByS
314 4 06/01/2014 06:20AM
Last Post by BoByS

core xy: why not twist the belts?

by enricodare
475 1 05/28/2014 01:39AM
Last Post by enricodare

My CoreXY design

by gmh39
673 8 05/28/2014 01:30AM
Last Post by enricodare

TLDSearchmuch: OpenBuilds V-Slot?

by MrDoctorDIV
513 8 05/21/2014 05:22AM
Last Post by MrDoctorDIV

SnakeBite Extruder

by the_digital_dentist
1,256 19 05/20/2014 12:28PM
Last Post by nicholas.seward

Kapton tape alternatives

by fraschizzato
390 6 05/16/2014 10:17PM
Last Post by fraschizzato

Circuit Scribe & 3D Printers

by BlaiddDrwg
530 4 05/16/2014 03:47AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Dual-Head extruder ready for print... Cooling problem

by fraschizzato
519 6 05/15/2014 11:48PM
Last Post by fraschizzato

Adapting j head for bowden?

by jhumphres
474 3 05/15/2014 03:49PM
Last Post by jhumphres

Modified CoreXY Attachments

by MrDoctorDIV
638 14 05/15/2014 02:56PM
Last Post by nicholas.seward

Help with cantilevered printer design   (Pages: 1 2)

by aEx155
941 37 05/14/2014 10:07PM
Last Post by aEx155

Modified CoreXY Geometry Attachments

by nicholas.seward
1,120 12 05/14/2014 03:33AM
Last Post by konwiddak

The Remoter Attachments   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by Guizmo
3,287 65 05/13/2014 01:54PM
Last Post by Davide (Aqua Dulza)

good source for non-captive linear steppers?

by unfold
687 13 05/11/2014 08:05PM
Last Post by MPN

Tool change like HP pen plotter Attachments

by Dale Dunn
782 5 05/03/2014 03:10PM
Last Post by Dale Dunn

Long Linear Motion, Best Choice?

by MrDoctorDIV
805 24 05/02/2014 01:20PM
Last Post by pontifex500

Resin Lead Screw Nuts?

by MrDoctorDIV
336 3 05/01/2014 06:40AM
Last Post by MrDoctorDIV

Finest z-axis leadscrew solution with zero backlash

by macpod
915 22 04/30/2014 09:13PM
Last Post by A2

Mica (Macor) Hotend

by Wissing
602 16 04/29/2014 07:07PM
Last Post by A2

Greg's wade v4 - Design problem? [Solved]

by BoByS
468 5 04/29/2014 09:35AM
Last Post by BoByS

idea embroidery machine

by vagassasson
329 2 04/29/2014 12:46AM
Last Post by samp20

Undefined pulley

by trgtylcnky
196 2 04/28/2014 07:07AM
Last Post by cdru

Best Recommended Extruder for E3Dv5 Hotend?

by MrDoctorDIV
515 2 04/26/2014 01:49PM
Last Post by stimpy
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airtripper bowden extruder is slipping suddenly

by Thijs
    This topic has been moved.

source for T-Nuts

by Rory166
787 11 04/20/2014 02:15PM
Last Post by konwiddak

Harmonic Drive

by aka47
3,258 11 04/19/2014 01:00PM
Last Post by erosnicolau