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Discuss any sort of mechanical stuff here: positioning systems, gears, extruding methods, etc. 
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System Cooling, 120mm vs 50mm radial

by SJMaybury
193 3 08/05/2016 06:48AM
Last Post by SJMaybury

Making X and Y axis perpendicular

by music99
290 9 08/01/2016 01:06PM
Last Post by dc42

Nyloc nuts everywhere?

by NathanaelXYZ
237 5 08/01/2016 07:33AM
Last Post by WZ9V

cannot get axis or extruders to move

by jonawald
133 3 07/31/2016 04:57PM
Last Post by jonawald

MGN12 from Alliexpress

by mgiaco
1,092 16 07/30/2016 12:42PM
Last Post by MatthewHall

1 of Z step motors looseing steps?

by Tinchus
139 5 07/30/2016 09:57AM
Last Post by Origamib

good source for non-captive linear steppers?

by unfold
2,853 14 07/27/2016 11:49PM
Last Post by jimjam

Ultimaker style kinematics with rolamites?

by RaoulDuke
290 6 07/24/2016 02:12PM
Last Post by RaoulDuke

CubeX original hotend with RAMPS Attachments

by wyatt.goettsch
611 4 07/23/2016 06:02PM
Last Post by Sam Torbert

What can be done about 3D printer noise?

by Trexation
469 8 07/23/2016 02:12PM
Last Post by Milton

Wear in linear guides

by the_digital_dentist
238 8 07/18/2016 06:15PM
Last Post by Koko76

Zyltech 'brand' stepper motors?

by Milton
255 3 07/13/2016 08:49PM
Last Post by Milton

ghosting/ringing after belt change?

by robvoi
184 4 07/13/2016 11:49AM
Last Post by robvoi

"Unnamed" plotter XY mechanism revisited Attachments

by lkcl
878 24 07/12/2016 08:28PM
Last Post by lkcl

Aluminium bed upgrade.

by Origamib
305 10 07/11/2016 12:19PM
Last Post by Origamib

10 lb Y Carriage - Geared Stepper Motor or Triple Stack Nema 17? Attachments

by Trexation
431 21 07/09/2016 04:16AM
Last Post by Trexation

Shorting stepper coils to dampen movement when powered off

by san_jose_rocks
235 4 07/08/2016 04:34PM
Last Post by lhartmann

Z bed cantilever

by MatthewHall
267 5 07/03/2016 11:45AM
Last Post by stephenrc

MGN12 missing balls

by o_lampe
361 10 07/02/2016 01:44AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Printing with solenoids help

by Lzntechnoz
171 1 06/28/2016 12:52PM
Last Post by Lzntechnoz

z axis homing issue

by ashdavely
179 3 06/26/2016 02:44AM
Last Post by Dust

4 Z-Axis Steppers for a large build platform

by ShadowRam
1,500 8 06/25/2016 05:20AM
Last Post by rowow

steps per mm for belt driven leadscrews

by Origamib
239 11 06/24/2016 05:21AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Z axis configuration

by hobbymods
300 12 06/14/2016 08:38AM
Last Post by yennhikorea

CleanTip Stainless Steel Nozzle

by Grinsaw
246 4 06/10/2016 05:15PM
Last Post by Grinsaw

ramps 1.4 Marlin Z axis problem sad smiley

by res2500
956 3 06/09/2016 04:43PM
Last Post by jarred321

Looking for 1.5x1.5m^2 heat bed

by st_ryder
139 2 06/09/2016 07:03AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Motors settings Attachments

by Ksama
426 4 06/03/2016 04:01PM
Last Post by stormbr

How smooth should the printer bed move?

by OneSprague
267 6 05/31/2016 01:41PM
Last Post by animoose

2 Color printing with out 2 heads.

259 7 05/31/2016 09:48AM
Last Post by IOWOLF