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Discuss any sort of mechanical stuff here: positioning systems, gears, extruding methods, etc. 
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Z belt tension

by reece.arnott
843 1 07/27/2008 06:05PM
Last Post by reece.arnott

Zcorp machine: How I think the layer system works

by makeit
1,771 18 07/25/2008 03:43PM
Last Post by Demented Chihuahua

my first design Attachments

by spoocke2
1,398 22 07/25/2008 03:27PM
Last Post by Demented Chihuahua

possible JB-Weld replacement

by Kyle Corbitt
1,965 18 07/22/2008 08:30PM
Last Post by Forrest Higgs

Servo Axis

by rohin
935 4 07/22/2008 04:26PM
Last Post by Rohin

Thermoplast Extruder v1.1 Nozzle - Is the "nose" necessary?

by Joshua Merchant
918 5 07/22/2008 09:06AM
Last Post by Joshua Merchant

Rep(St)rap design Attachments

by sid
1,327 9 07/22/2008 12:42AM
Last Post by VDX

MCB / Seedling: How to use the opto endswitches?

by daniel-kessel
877 10 07/21/2008 04:49PM
Last Post by sid

Extruder Design

by Mukul
882 4 07/17/2008 10:40AM
Last Post by Mukul

Crazy granule extruder idea

by sw
1,629 18 07/15/2008 03:27PM
Last Post by sid

Extruding! Yeah! Next issue is lumpy extrude. Need another drive screw. Attachments

by Wade
894 3 07/12/2008 09:02AM
Last Post by Wade

[idea] simple pick and place toolhead

by sid
872 1 07/11/2008 04:19PM
Last Post by sid

Suggestion: Construct Frame from Conduit

by rodzite
2,170 23 07/10/2008 08:24PM
Last Post by Colin K.

Maybe fab ladder chain instead of toothed belt?

by JohnWasser
1,479 11 07/09/2008 07:57PM
Last Post by JohnWasser

stepper exerciser calibration

by dwbowen
762 1 07/09/2008 03:04PM
Last Post by dwbowen

Missing STLs

by SonOfLilit
693 4 06/30/2008 12:31PM
Last Post by Leav

Z axis design suggestion

by reece.arnott
1,068 4 06/23/2008 09:11AM
Last Post by Wade

Using the Z axis drive pulley as the motor coupling

by Wade
1,541 6 06/23/2008 08:54AM
Last Post by Wade

Why hasn't anyone....

by Dylan
1,034 2 06/20/2008 02:38AM
Last Post by nophead

Toolhead Docking

by rodzite
993 4 06/16/2008 05:29AM
Last Post by rodzite

Isn't the angled motor in extruder causing any

by Batist Leman
961 3 06/15/2008 02:25AM
Last Post by Batist Leman

What's the latest and greatest extruder?

by Wade
1,229 1 06/13/2008 06:56AM
Last Post by Wade

Extremely low-cost fabricators?

by Mitchell
1,335 6 06/12/2008 03:23AM
Last Post by VDX

z-axis torque

by Dylan
1,000 3 06/11/2008 10:38PM
Last Post by Dylan

PTFE safety

by Idle Tinker
954 4 06/11/2008 10:12PM
Last Post by Forrest Higgs

Question about x axis frame rails

by Wade
802 2 06/10/2008 06:23AM
Last Post by brucew

possible next gen reprap design

by r2kordmaa
1,533 14 06/08/2008 05:52PM
Last Post by redskinsjbs

PCB Production   (Pages: 1 2)

by aka47
3,788 54 06/05/2008 01:58PM
Last Post by greenarrow

Seperate Z-Axis Drive

by Anonymous User
820 5 06/04/2008 12:53PM
Last Post by Forrest Higgs

McWire Lasercut Preorder

by ZachHoeken
1,514 11 06/04/2008 04:10AM
Last Post by xsainnz