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Anything related to printer controllers not being Duet, RAMPS or Sanguinololu: microprocessors, motor and heater driver circuitry, gEDA/KiCAD issues, soldering tips, etc. 
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RADDS reset then temp issue

by deaconfrost
248 5 10/20/2016 01:34AM
Last Post by GroupB

ESP12E-based controller

by misan
749 5 10/17/2016 08:03AM
Last Post by misan

MKS GEN 1.4 and Inductive Proximity Sensor strange problem

by dazza24
392 3 10/14/2016 11:55AM
Last Post by dazza24

New approach to pulse generation

by DragonFire
243 6 10/11/2016 04:01PM
Last Post by JustAnotherOne

Line items descriptions for the xxl lcd controler

by oldfarmhand
210 1 10/11/2016 04:58AM
Last Post by oldfarmhand

Ultratronics ethernet port

by mikefazz
398 3 10/10/2016 02:03AM
Last Post by dc42

Replacing Parallel LCD with SPI Display

by ohfurryone
273 1 10/05/2016 05:21AM
Last Post by ohfurryone

Teensy 3.5/3.6 based 3d printer controller?

by TbirdMan
821 5 10/04/2016 12:49PM
Last Post by dc42

Slave axis homing

by emdub27
185 2 10/04/2016 01:36AM
Last Post by dc42

Planet CNC Motion Controler

by _Adrian_
238 3 10/03/2016 06:07PM
Last Post by _Adrian_

Is 5 amp enough for my printer

by BramV
247 12 09/28/2016 12:03PM
Last Post by dc42

example "hello world" with reprap

by ag.chumpitazr
226 2 09/24/2016 06:15PM
Last Post by Dust

32 bit board

by JoĆ£oSantos
539 3 09/22/2016 12:54AM
Last Post by VDX

Steppers loud with replacement a4988 driversconfused smiley?

by Zangetsu57
222 3 09/18/2016 12:50PM
Last Post by Zangetsu57

RUMBA: using second fan for cooling nozzle - MARLIN modification

by flo94
328 2 09/15/2016 06:09AM
Last Post by flo94

[Q] - MKS Sbase - Voltage and heatbed

by Amoniak
350 1 09/13/2016 07:33AM
Last Post by Amoniak

Alligator Board Q & A   (Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6)

by geotete
8,755 172 09/13/2016 03:16AM
Last Post by JET-A1

Smoothieboard laser AND 3dprinter ?

by Gigio2k
215 3 09/08/2016 04:49AM
Last Post by Gigio2k

searching large stepper drives for NEMA23 motors

by markhelifreak
311 3 08/30/2016 02:43PM
Last Post by dc42

Why use seperate input pins for a max and min stop?

by stephen george
1,101 12 08/26/2016 06:50PM
Last Post by NoobMan

Newbie setup of the 12864 LCD on prusa i3

by Ralphy
266 5 08/20/2016 06:35AM
Last Post by Ralphy

LCD 12864 For RepRap.. aint working ?

by CrazZzeD
6,897 6 08/19/2016 06:28AM
Last Post by Ralphy

ISIS Proteus Simulation

by Edinsson Ariza
846 3 08/18/2016 11:28PM
Last Post by o_lampe

RADDS, Due, and PanelDue

by Eddiie
693 7 08/18/2016 11:08PM
Last Post by Anonymous User


by Typpa
291 1 08/14/2016 01:25PM
Last Post by Typpa
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Plywood frame problem Attachments

by esimacio
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MKS SBASE v1.2 not working ethernet

by Potapich
294 1 08/10/2016 12:01AM
Last Post by Potapich

Kossel Mini strange behaviour. Defective Duet board, Dell PSU or something else?

by indianoz
188 7 08/09/2016 11:12AM
Last Post by indianoz

24v and 12v? on RADDS, Arduino Due, RAPS128

by dkrue
326 2 08/08/2016 10:57AM
Last Post by stephenrc

MKS Gen v1.2 Inductive Sensor

by cpiscopo
2,980 7 08/08/2016 09:26AM
Last Post by FERMi