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Anything electronics related: microprocessors, motor and head driver circuitry, Eagle issues, soldering tips, etc. 
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Azteeg is not working properly with motors

by NeoTheFox
113 2 03/06/2014 09:14AM
Last Post by JeanYamb

Megatronics v3 (DRV8825) stepper won't move anymore

by ultraflash
144 2 03/05/2014 04:07PM
Last Post by ultraflash

Xmega based design?

by kscharf
214 6 03/05/2014 12:42PM
Last Post by kscharf

Hilfe Slave defekt automatisch Master kaput

by weigi
95 2 03/03/2014 01:39PM
Last Post by VDX

What would cause controller to reset back to defaults?

by trsills
203 3 03/03/2014 11:52AM
Last Post by Creo

Anyone own a working Panelolu2 for Sanguinololu who can help?

128 5 03/03/2014 11:35AM
Last Post by T3P3

Sanguish development   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by bryanandaimee
2,355 73 03/01/2014 03:38PM
Last Post by vajpeters

Rambo board and motors

by Ryusei
137 5 03/01/2014 01:55AM
Last Post by Ryusei

Dual extrusion TB6560 controller Attachments

by vajpeters
1,089 29 02/28/2014 02:51PM
Last Post by vajpeters

Megatronics v3 and Stepstick A4988 problem

by darkspartan
176 2 02/28/2014 01:40PM
Last Post by lutjanus

Megatronics 2.0 -> Connect servo for z-axis probing

by lutjanus
195 3 02/28/2014 01:19PM
Last Post by lutjanus

Signs of a failing Thermistor?

by Ohmarinus
1,113 13 02/28/2014 02:09AM
Last Post by suramu

USB (flash drive) reader instead of SD Card

by Kryptonit3
235 4 02/27/2014 08:33AM
Last Post by Kryptonit3

Endstops are being ignored. Please help! Attachments

by OliveFrogs
176 4 02/27/2014 07:26AM
Last Post by OliveFrogs

PCB Attachments

by Muhammad Hashir Bin Khalid
115 2 02/27/2014 06:35AM
Last Post by NoobMan

Smoothie on a breadbaord using OM13054

by MeltManBob
236 7 02/26/2014 04:21PM
Last Post by MeltManBob

Z home position issue

by ottist
182 3 02/25/2014 09:32AM
Last Post by ottist

Stepper motors vibration with RUMBA

by dolphinboy
218 11 02/24/2014 04:51AM
Last Post by dolphinboy

Stucked steppers. Anyone saw something similar before?

by laknerdavid
168 5 02/24/2014 03:05AM
Last Post by NoobMan

Azteeg X3 pro and stepper motor questions

by Schultz
227 13 02/24/2014 02:51AM
Last Post by NoobMan

Electronics help needed - rather urgent!

by DMTDisaster
378 15 02/20/2014 05:39AM
Last Post by DMTDisaster

Uploading marlin to printrboard, resulting in half speed/length etc

by robin.arvidsson
99 3 02/19/2014 03:28PM
Last Post by robin.arvidsson

Rambo Forum

by mmadore
138 1 02/19/2014 10:06AM
Last Post by mmadore

pibot info

by cnc dick
120 2 02/19/2014 07:31AM
Last Post by angelo

Which controller?

by nalby
219 4 02/18/2014 07:12AM
Last Post by nalby

6 wire motor

by ybm
144 2 02/18/2014 04:38AM
Last Post by lazzymonk

Changing the Fuse settings to a 1284p using an Arduino Uno as ISP

by theruss007
255 8 02/16/2014 06:49PM
Last Post by theruss007

X axis Stepper only moves one way (Melzi v2 board) - help request

by Mr Joshua
212 9 02/16/2014 08:02AM
Last Post by Mr Joshua

RADDS RepRap Arduino-Due Driver Shield (32bit) Attachments

by angelo
1,160 15 02/16/2014 02:14AM
Last Post by angelo

SD init fail: What's wrong here?

by Persephone
220 2 02/14/2014 02:44PM
Last Post by waitaki