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General discussions. For specific printers / electronics / fabrication methods / softwares, please see other sections. 
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350 Dollar Prusa i3 Kit

by gunnd14
1,158 22 02/23/2015 09:25PM
Last Post by OO DURKE OO

Open Source Belt Drive extruder + BOM

by jaguarking11
123 1 02/23/2015 07:55PM
Last Post by jaguarking11

Reprap firmware help? i3 + Full Graphic display required

by kingoddball
1,493 21 02/23/2015 05:02PM
Last Post by psneddon

Xssink Boxd 3d printers - Good or Bad reviews anyone?

by Rogue45
574 28 02/23/2015 04:18PM
Last Post by Neybordave

Can't upload firmware to sanguinololu 1.3a, can control with Pronterface (Windows 8.1)

by jordoo
132 12 02/23/2015 03:42PM
Last Post by jordoo

is SLA printer really worth it?

by printrboy_
165 3 02/23/2015 03:03PM
Last Post by ggherbaz

G3D stepper drivers availability UK?

by UkIan
442 22 02/23/2015 02:43PM
Last Post by paulnd

Support 3d printing Q&A site at StackExchange.com!

by amra
78 1 02/23/2015 02:25PM
Last Post by amra

Portabee 3D printer

by Calida
100 1 02/23/2015 01:44PM
Last Post by Calida

Motors not turning anti-clockwise

by morkis
163 8 02/23/2015 11:32AM
Last Post by iamdarkyoshi

PSU Shuts off

by twigg1012
115 7 02/23/2015 09:47AM
Last Post by iamdarkyoshi

Meikian Live, a GNU/Linux live distribution for makers

by xoan
110 3 02/23/2015 08:36AM
Last Post by CtemesCW

[Cutting costs down] Building the bare essentials only.

by ishe7ata
446 20 02/23/2015 03:22AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus
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Problems with Top Layer Attachments

by Dabsch
    This topic has been moved.

belt pitch causes ribs on surface Attachments

by RepRapper_Austria
176 9 02/22/2015 01:41PM
Last Post by Dirty Steve

Printing at constant speed

by jessicabrenner
309 12 02/22/2015 03:33AM
Last Post by Traumflug

weird problem help

by Antslake
178 5 02/21/2015 07:21PM
Last Post by Antslake

Interesting observation from my Vulcano use

by sungod3k
176 2 02/21/2015 05:14PM
Last Post by iamdarkyoshi

Can't upload firmware in my controller

by fantasiiio
157 2 02/21/2015 06:27AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Z min input FRIED

by bobkeyes
148 6 02/20/2015 03:47PM
Last Post by bobkeyes

Ceramic printing

by judocol
242 4 02/20/2015 10:52AM
Last Post by Qcks_

Heat set 235, Print drops to 200 HELP!!

by RPearce
235 9 02/20/2015 10:12AM
Last Post by iamdarkyoshi

Artifical Muscles   (Pages: 1 2)

by zzorn
4,861 33 02/20/2015 02:02AM
Last Post by VDX

The data that you have submitted to the server have been rejected, because it looks like they were posted by an automated bot.

by Dabsch
161 2 02/19/2015 10:19PM
Last Post by Dabsch

What are those 'sockets' or 'plugs' for the electronics called, and where can I buy them? (Image) Attachments

by kfootball15
584 10 02/19/2015 08:40PM
Last Post by jbernardis

2015 Midwest RepRap Fest

by johnoly99
210 6 02/19/2015 04:44PM
Last Post by johnoly99

z axis problems...homing issues

by tm america
138 2 02/19/2015 10:50AM
Last Post by tm america

Z axis wont move up during print?

by Mogal
1,257 30 02/19/2015 09:15AM
Last Post by DerTieja

3d Printing on Shapeoko 2 Attachments

by phinsil6
249 3 02/19/2015 07:51AM
Last Post by phinsil6

NESRap : Nintendo controller for 3dPrinter

by tijeff
209 4 02/19/2015 07:25AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus