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General discussions. For specific printers / electronics / fabrication methods / softwares, please see other sections. 
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Electric pencil on a RepRap

by endurance-robots
255 22 08/20/2016 01:16AM
Last Post by endurance-robots

Troubles with 3D printer Driver and Repetier host in mac

by MindBlow
96 7 08/19/2016 11:28PM
Last Post by MindBlow

MGN12H rails questions

by DjDemonD
344 18 08/19/2016 04:27PM
Last Post by MechaBits

Marlin won't compile on my PC

by johnkmitchell911
388 8 08/19/2016 05:13AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Help with dead hotend sensor

by jbalat
431 16 08/19/2016 05:06AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist
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3D Drucker Keramik

by Alehandr
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Managing 3D Files

by MechaBits
166 5 08/18/2016 06:53PM
Last Post by MechaBits

ABS Plastics and oils

by Michaelpago74
135 3 08/18/2016 05:16PM
Last Post by tmorris9

Getting sporadic resets

by brucehvn
100 3 08/18/2016 03:51PM
Last Post by brucehvn

Silent 24V fan?

by icefire
172 10 08/18/2016 10:46AM
Last Post by Chri

Where to find smooth rods for DIY UM2?

by harmaasilmä
178 5 08/18/2016 10:05AM
Last Post by harmaasilmä

Z Probe v. Auto bed leveling???

by clearlynotstefan
164 4 08/18/2016 12:15AM
Last Post by deckingman

Is .stl a free and open format? We want to add .stl support to Wikipedia

by John Cummings
184 5 08/17/2016 02:07PM
Last Post by DeuxVis
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A new Dual Pinch extruder is now available, the DyzeXtruder GTthumbs up What do you think?

by Dyze_Design
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Shuddering Stepper Motors

by rhit
136 5 08/17/2016 04:37AM
Last Post by dc42

Hot End on Extruder

759 6 08/16/2016 05:33AM
Last Post by Mikk36

Silicone heater bed power rating

by pyt
157 5 08/16/2016 01:25AM
Last Post by pyt

Nozzle wear when printing with carbon fiber

by LoboCNC
142 4 08/15/2016 11:36PM
Last Post by MechaBits

Trouble adding thermistor(s) to Azteeg X5 Mini V3?

by NFrank89
57 1 08/15/2016 11:02PM
Last Post by NFrank89

Medusa Mendel (5-7 material Mendel project) Attachments

by Eric,W
90 1 08/15/2016 02:00PM
Last Post by Eric,W

Finally found an easy method to unclog my nozzles

by tmorris9
230 7 08/15/2016 01:50PM
Last Post by bryanandaimee

help needed with tplink nano and duet

by forest
125 5 08/15/2016 11:31AM
Last Post by dc42

Small, light, effective fan shrouds for popular hotend designs Attachments

by DjDemonD
299 13 08/15/2016 09:41AM
Last Post by jinx

Delta printer vibration

by ben.meyer
200 9 08/15/2016 12:08AM
Last Post by DjDemonD

slic3r calibration

by asrt
110 2 08/14/2016 04:13PM
Last Post by etfrench

Pancake stepper extruder

by Origamib
652 25 08/13/2016 01:36AM
Last Post by DjDemonD

Nylon and PrintBite

by etfrench
268 9 08/13/2016 12:04AM
Last Post by Andrey_SSh

Site not in english Attachments

by elwood127
198 12 08/12/2016 09:48PM
Last Post by NormandC

PETG parts and heated chamber

by DjDemonD
185 5 08/12/2016 06:36PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

maxtemp error reads 836/0

by jlile
75 2 08/12/2016 01:03PM
Last Post by jlile